living in: secretariat


Secretariat fills the spot in every horse girl’s heart for an underdog victory. The 2010 telling of the Triple Crown winner is quite a looker, scoring high not just in speed but also style. It’s impossible not to root for the amazing mix of horse-girl housewife and southern 1970s, so skeptics, don’t even try. — Amy Merrick

1. Pendleton Blanket, $84; 2. Vintage Horse Trophy, $100; 3. Wire Dome Pendant, $149; 4. Ralph Lauren Jodhpurs, $290; 5. Horse Scarf, $25; 6. Frye Riding Boots, $378; 7. Tiered Tin Basket, $37; 8. Bit Bracelet, $320; 9. Horseshoe Hook, $18; 10. Rake Hook, $24

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That Penny Chenery pulled off thoroughbred elegance in a decade known for polyester disco pants is worthy of imitation. Her classy southern style, even in the stables, has me hankering to add more horsey goodness to my life. Shiny riding boots, trophies, jockey silks, a dash of mid-century — I’ll cheer her on till the finish line.

1. Scoop Neck Dress, $131; 2. Vintage Horse Pin, $22; 3. Sunburst Clock, $59; 4. Brass Horseshoe Door Knocker, $115; 5. Silver Julep Cup, $104/set of 4; 6. Reclaimed Tray, $38; 7. Opera Glasses, $32; 8. Moller Trolley, $1550; 9. Flokati Rug, $79


What a great Living In! I agree that the elegance from this story is so different from the typical view of the 70’s. Love it!


I LOVE the Frye riding boots! They are a bit above my budget though, so I Salemarked them for a price I can afford and am hoping I get an email soon saying they have gone on sale. Hey – a girl can dream, right?

Kim (at

I’m desperate for you to do a Living In: My Cousin Vinny. How funny would that be? Making the clash of city and country styles work together. Inspiration: Marisa Tomei in that one piece spandex floral jumper and black leather booties on the porch of a wood cabin the middle of nowhere. Or: Joe Pesci in his black leather coat and white sneakers (with no pants) shooting into the woods in the middle of the night.


I have yet to see this movie–I’m a bad Kentuckian! Now I think I’ll have to see it for the visuals alone–although the rolling hills and bluegrass are something I’m lucky enough to see regularly.

Stacey McCarty

If you like equestrian check out a site I just saw posted called oughton limited….awesome!


Finally! Being a professional rider leaves me pining for good equestrian style. Well done!


Just saw this movie on Sunday and loved it! Such a feel good girl power movie.

The Flying Quiche

Awesome pick! I was just talking with my mother about emailing you this as a suggestion. We both love the style that oozes from this movie- and Diane Lane’s hair!


I absolutely love this film.
It’s more proof that Disney just shouldn’t make sports movies because they make me cry, but that they do a really frickin’ great job.