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living in: casablanca

by amym

Casablanca is the romance to end all romances. Bergman and Bogart practically melt the screen with sadness, but for your next screening, try to focus those puppy eyes on the movie’s swoon-worthy style. Moroccan by way of the French Resistance, each scene outdoes itself in lamps, rugs, chairs, tables and arched doorways, not to mention the stars’ suave style. — Amy Merrick

1. Large Airplane Model, $590; 2. Rag & Bone Fedora, $150; 3. Leather Passport Cover, $12; 4. Botot Anise Toothpaste, $11; 5. Old-Fashioned Glasses, $3.50; 6. Vintage Moroccan Lantern, $80; 7. Vintage Moorish Inlaid Tables, $893/pair; 8. Split Leaf Philodendron Seeds, $4; 9. Bakelite Poker Set, $150; 10. J. Crew Encore Trench, $400

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Rick’s Café Américain is my favorite fantasy spot to sit back and sip a drink, unsavory clientele notwithstanding. You say that Moorish arched walls, hanging lanterns, tiled floors and tuxedoed men are your idea of a dream house, too? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

1. Moroccan Chandelier, $330; 2. Roger Wine Opener, $159; 3. Stella McCartney Tuxedo Jacket, $1765; 4. Parker Fountain Pen, $19; 5. Hamam Copper Bowls, $95; 6. Embossed Side Table, $475; 7. Black Bowtie, $6; 8. Chelsea Oxfords, $60; 9. Pocket Flask, $5; 10. Vintage Moroccan Rug, $1850

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  • i adore this movie more than words can tell ~ thanks for highlighting it so wonderfully!

  • I saw that movie in a outdoor theatre at Peacock Pavillions in Morocco… it was perfect and so fitting for the trip. Thanks for bring back some great memories today.

  • I ADORE this movie, and you’ve definitely nailed the style of it… Oh, to live in Morocco, drink whiskey into a small dingy glass and complain about the man/woman who has reappeared into my life… well done, Amy!

  • One of the best nights of my movie watching life: being in the Paramount Theater in Oakland around 1997 when they played a fresh print of “Casablanca” and I got to watch the movie with an audience for the first time. What a great time! It’s a whole different experience to share a film like this with a thousand other people than to watch it on TV.

  • My favorite movie. Bogart’s white dinner jacket is fantastic and as usual Paul Henreid is impeccably dressed. Had the chance to see it on the large screen at an art house theater in Northampton, Mass. It’s just a wonderful film.

  • My favourite movie ever (the scene where they sing La Marseillaise never ceases to move me). And these items are perfect; I want them all.