le bon marche

To be honest, I tend to strip out all color from my life in winter; dark neutrals dominate my home, my wardrobe and my accessories. It only takes one awesomely bright and bold object to make me realize how much more bearable the season would be if I jazzed up my bleak palette with some punchy hues. Browsing the vibrant, striped textiles and Kool-Aid colored accessories from Le Bon Marche, I feel transported to a charming little European beachside town in July. I love the idea of sporting a bright, stripey bag like the one below over my black with gray attire, and then when summer actually rolls around, I’m already prepared. Click here to visit the shop and see their full collection. — Kate

Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons

As that saying goes, I am more than willing to drink the Koolaid if it’s colors are reflected in this gorgeous fabrics/bags. I really like that top one and the sheep towel. :)


That sheep dish towel and a pair of espadrilles just went on my Christmas list!