knot basket

Sometimes the simplest things grab my attention and won’t let go. This hand-knotted¬†rope basket at Alder & Co. has been in my mind for a few weeks now, and I decided that the only way to make room for a new favorite thing was to post this one. Handmade in Japan by Shigeki Fujishiro, Knot is a simple but versatile basket that is treated to work indoors or out. I’d like to keep a few of these outside my front door as a catch-all for winter accessories.* But it would be great for magazines, books or hauling groceries to and from the car. Click here to check out more images of Shigeki’s Knot basket at Alder & Co. xo, grace

*I’ve lost two of my favorite winter hats this year already. I think a designer needs to come up with a cute adult version of those mittens with strings on them (please?). I’m one of those adults who still can’t keep track of my hats and gloves.


Somehow I see it as a great catch-all for yarn. Maybe something with a big contrast. Yellow roving, neon green Malabrigo worsted. Just balls of yarn really right, and then hang the whole shebang on a hook in your crafting room. Yarn collection contained prettily!


I really, really like these and could totally see 2 or 3 around my house. I love intricate/simple it looks.


About the hat…Have you thought about a knitted hood or bonnet? There are some really cute patterns out there and you can just keep them tied around your neck and push them back. I’m sure that you have a few crafty friends. :)

miss p

great rope color – i think i would want to make an inner liner though so i could get groceries and not have anything fall through.

angie marie

Anyone have an idea on how to make a diy version? Cause it’s cute, but 200 bucks for a rope basket aint gonna happen lol.