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Jessica Helgerson’s Portland Revival

by Grace Bonney

I’ve got Portland on the brain today because I’m making a big announcement this afternoon about an event I’m working on there next month! So it only seemed fitting to fill today with updates from some of my favorite artists and designers in town. It’s no secret that Jessica Helgerson is my favorite interior designer, and I’m always thrilled to see her new work. She recently finished a project that involved a kitchen remodel and new furnishings for a 1920s Mediterranean-style home in Portland. Jessica used a mix of vintage furniture (reupholstered in brightly colored felt and antique rugs) and custom-designed tables to redecorate the space. I love the coffee table made of walnut “bricks” that’s meant to echo the original brick architecture. What I love so much about Jessica’s work is the way she brings nature into every project. In this particular home, the owner said he’d always imagined a tree on the living room wall, so Jessica designed a sculptural, abstracted tree made from recycled wood lath stained with colorful aniline dyes (image after the jump). All the details are beautiful, but you can read more about the finished project here. One day when I win the lottery, I’m going to buy a home in the hills of Portland and have Jessica work her magic on it. Until then, I’ll continue to live vicariously through all these beautiful projects. Thank you to Jessica for sending this over and to Lincoln Barbour for the photography. xo, grace

More images from Jessica’s project after the jump . . .

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  • this house is JUST THE KIND OF HOUSE I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE…those arched entry/passways, the white walls…OMG the doors!! etc, etc… this has to go in my pinterest to show the hubby…THANK YOU FOR THIS FAB FIND (AS ALWAYS!!)

  • Absolutely stunning house. The overall feel is soft yet the vibrant colors make it feel very playful

  • I love the wall stencil in the office area! I’m going to modify that idea for a ceiling to knee wall transition in an attic guest room I’m redoing.

  • Good Lord, this is gorgeous! Such attention to detail- even in that mudroom/entry way. Love the bright, airy feeling to it- would be perfect down here in bright, sunny Florida where I’m located!

  • I love the super warm, homey, colorful mix of modern and rustic! Pick up a Dwell magazine and everything is so cold and sterile. These rooms were meant to be lived in, comfortably, not just look at.

  • Wow, I love so much about this home. 1. It is a home, not a museum which I appreciate! 2. fabulous chairs in slightly varying shades around the round dining table. 3. high table in the kitchen is awesome. Love the red chairs. 4. LOVE that carpet in the entryway. 5. architecture in the doors and the beams. 6. gorgeous large and low coffee table. 7. OK, I’ll stop. Clearly I love this space.

  • fabulous house! Portland is a hop skip jump from vancouver….. coming this way soon?

  • I adore the palette. Vibrant but not immature. Could you share your source for the rug?
    Thank you for sharing this sneak peek!

  • Wow! This is definitely one of my favorite tours ever. The pops of color are executed in such a sophisticated way and pair so well with the dark wood and white walls. Those dining chairs are gorgeous. And the tile in the kitchen….amazing!

  • WOW – WOW- & WOW! I’m blown away! I’m so in love with this entire house! The living room wall, the hott fuschia stools, the pink & orange dining chairs…..*sigh* It’s a perfectly awesome mix of rustic modern meets gothic architecture.

  • Might you consider sharing your source for, and in particular, the paint name of the creamy white low-VOC paint used throughout the entry and living room? Simply perfect -clean and white without being stark or yellow. – Yvonne :)

  • This is awesome. I love the simplicity, the arched doorways, the kitchen, everything is just lovely. I always think I’d never hire an interior designer, mostly b/c I think I could do it myself, but a little b/c the ones that you see so often are so bad (HGTV shows, Open House NYC where they over decorate everything), but this is a great reason to hire someone to help you.

  • I love the jewel-tone pops throughout the home. What a simple way to add colorful warmth the natural elements in the home.

  • What a great way to integrate some bright color into a very distinctive style — to change it up without losing the integrity of the architecture. Very well done. I love that the focus of the kitchen is the floor, instead of granite counters (yawn) or the big stainless appliances (bigger yawn). Thank you for sharing this beautiful space!

  • So many things to love about this! The coffee table is a favourite, wow. The red bar stool/chairs at the high table in the kitchen – does anyone know the details on these? Thanks from NZ

  • This space is beautiful! It’s warm, colorful, sophisticated and surprisingly not too masculine with all of the large wood details. Jessica’s work is always so inspiring. If you know the source of the rug, I’d love to know that as well. Thanks for posting this.

  • Love the reuse of the glass accents in the different rooms. It’s so fun to see the touches a stylist really loves!

  • thank you so much for the kind feedback. . . it’s so nice to hear! the rug is the agadir twist in raspberry from anthropologie and the paint is benjamin moore mascarpone

  • Oh, how the talent of Jessica Helgerson satiates my need for color. I love, love, love it. I feel lucky to share Portland with such delightful design!

    Cannot wait to hear about the Portland event, Grace.

  • Stunning home & I love the taste. Just enough & in no way near too much of anything. Beautiful!

  • This is amazing. I can’t think of anything clever to add, I’m just soaking in the color palette…. wonderful.

  • Regarding the living room: The shape of the windows and the unusual molding on the china cabinet looks like it was rescued from a church. The iron candelabra and chandelier add to the ecclesiastical feel of the cabinet.
    I love the color palette used throughout the home. Great combination of Modern sleekness and seeming Gothic/Spanish detail (I don’t get a Mediterranean feel from it except maybe the tile floor, but what do I know?).

  • Love the interior design of this house! The vintage/antique feeling it has is definitely attractive. Also, love the theme of nature as the driving force behind the design

  • Wow! I’m not usually one to comment, but this house had me saying “wow” after each picture. I love the wood combined with bright pops of warm colors. I thought I was more a MCM type but I love the Mediterranean earthiness of this style. Way to go Jessica!

  • Hi Jessica!
    Do you mind sharing where you found that caramel colored pouf? It’s so amazing (as is everything else in your house!!!).

  • Wow! This looks like Jessica went into my dreams and created a house… so so so amazing! Please oh please source everything for me!!! Especially the chairs in the dining room!

  • Beautiful house! Love the kitchen tiles and the amazining doorways into the house. What a lovely place to come home to.

  • Yay to pink, red, and orange! :) Brick and a tile roof. Beams and a solid pre war looking home plus a little room for shoes and stuff. We don’t wear outdoor footwear inside so this would be so wonderful to have an inner sit down place….dreamy. the kitchen and those arches that we can see from the windows…stunning.
    Thank you for submitting. Vicarious enjoyment. Miss living in a big old house. In an old place now, it’s fun, very small though.

  • So crisp and clean : ) ….and colorful!!! Bravo ladies!!!! Now you must tell me where the carpet is from….it would be great in House of Herring TV room… LOL. Miss you. Lucinda will die…she loves orange and pink together.

  • Sharon: the pouf is actually pretty bright orange. we got it at a shop here in town, they just had one, but Tazi Designs in San Francisco has a nice selection. . . we usually get them there

    Rosie: the dining chairs we found online at a vintage furniture shop and had them refinished in an ebony stain and reupholstered in 6 different shades of hot colored felt

    thanks again for all the sweet comments. happiness = a post on design*sponge :)

    • Hi Jessica. I noticed that you gave shopping info on some items but not on the rug. Penny commented above and I would love to know where you got it. Beautiful work!

  • enamored by the color combinations, enamored by the architecture and SO happy for the eye candy! incredibly beautiful!

  • Sorry if I missed it, but anyone know where those fantastically awesome red stools in the kitchen are from? My kitchen counter has been waiting for stools for a year and a half, and I would love to bring some of those home! Thanks!