ink + wit

by Grace Bonney

Since a pretty young age, I’ve been something of a stamp hoarder. When we moved at the beginning of the year, I decided to say goodbye to my secret stash and sell them off at our “yard” sale. It was pretty painful to see them go, but I was glad to have my closet back and not constantly spilling over with little rubber stamps that were too cute to actually get dirty with ink. I enjoyed a few stamp-free months before the need to collect crept back in, and now I’ve got a few containers full of them, theoretically waiting to be used for my own gift wrap. Until I get down to business and make that paper, I’m eyeing these stamps from Ink + Wit. They feel so perfectly wintery without being overly “holiday.” Combine them with kraft paper like Tara did above, and you’re set. Click here to check out the full collection and shop online. xo, grace

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Images above: Birch wall art, $45 each

Images above: 2012 letterpress calendar, $47

Image above: Bear pencil holder, $55

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