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Since a pretty young age, I’ve been something of a stamp hoarder. When we moved at the beginning of the year, I decided to say goodbye to my secret stash and sell them off at our “yard” sale. It was pretty painful to see them go, but I was glad to have my closet back and not constantly spilling over with little rubber stamps that were too cute to actually get dirty with ink. I enjoyed a few stamp-free months before the need to collect crept back in, and now I’ve got a few containers full of them, theoretically waiting to be used for my own gift wrap. Until I get down to business and make that paper, I’m eyeing these stamps from Ink + Wit. They feel so perfectly wintery without being overly “holiday.” Combine them with kraft paper like Tara did above, and you’re set. Click here to check out the full collection and shop online. xo, grace

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Images above: Birch wall art, $45 each

Images above: 2012 letterpress calendar, $47

Image above: Bear pencil holder, $55


i love ink and wit stamps! really beautiful. unfortunately the one i love she is out of.. “from the library of” do you have any other recommendations for stamp designers that might make something like that? I want to get them for my nephews. thanks!

Canoe Design

I love stamps – something beautiful about how the ink is never perfect.
Great DIY ideas with the craft paper and I love the white ink!


I can’t find the bear “from the library of” stamp on the ink + wit website and would like to get it for a friend. Has it been discontinued?


I’ve always loved my stamps in a sweet, crafty way. These take them to another level of cool. It’s like the Alyson Fox of stamp designs. Love ‘em.


Loving the top images… I’m all for making your own wrap and gift tags… so much more personal – and fun too especially if you have kids to get involved.

I think this year I’m gonna have a go at making the stamp as well out of lino… the designs may be ever so slightly less elegant than these – but it’s all good fun!

Tara Hogan

BOOKPLATE STAMPS UPDATE: (just ran out) I am trying to place a new order before holiday for the Elephant and Bears Books stamps. I will be in touch if I can have these in stock by then. Otherwise they will be back late Spring. Please email me through the INK+WIT website so I can take down your name/email and I will be in touch! Thank you and Happy Holidays.


We love Ink & Wit! Tara is such a thoughtful and compassionate designer. We love what she does.


ahhh! this is all so fantastic, thank you for sharing! i think it’s necessary that i buy that owl stamp like.. right now!

julie @ tractorgirl

completely agree with Canoe Design – that there is something so beautiful about how the ink is never ‘perfect’. Endless and subtle variations in repetition is what makes it sing


You can place an order for The Bears Books and Elephants Texts through the shop. They will ship late December.