holidays with shanna murray

I love Shanna Murray’s work. I’ve been dreaming of having her make a giant decal for our office door for a few weeks now, and after seeing her new holiday collection, it’s seeming like an even better idea. Shanna just released her new holiday decals and stationery (I love the little holly wreath decals) yesterday, and each one is sweeter than the next. If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful way to celebrate (or send a message for) the holidays, click here to check out and shop Shanna’s new designs. xo, grace

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I love these decals but cannot afford the big ones. What I’ve done instead is to take inspiration from them and others I’ve seen around the blogosphere and, using liquid chalk markers, made my own on my big front window. It looks great, is fast and easy to do, and cleans up easily. Give it a try!

Sarah Croft

Love love love the simplicity and low key colors! I’ve preferred a good neutral Christmas for years now. This makes me happy.


It’s second time that I see Shanna Murray at Sponge design and it’s so my taste :) A+


LOVE Shanna Murray, and her lovely decals! Just added them to my store. . . so happy.