holiday goods at ponoko

If you’re a designer who’s ever wondered about doing 3D printing or laser cutting, Ponoko is a great service that takes care of the cutting for you. I’ve been watching indie designers successfully use their services for a while, and I was happy to hear about some of Ponoko’s clients/customers who are creating really lovely work through their company. My favorites are above and below, but if you’re looking to make rather than buy this year, click here to check out Ponoko’s services — it could be a great way to surprise a loved one with something custom-designed. xo, grace

Image above: Writable Cheese Markers by peppersprouts$21

Image above: Home Sweet Home Coasters by peppersprouts$28

Image above: Petal Box by The Harbinger Co., $74


I have a laser cut necklace from The Harbinger Co. and love its unique design. I didn’t know I could make my own inventions through Ponoko. Thanks for the tip!


Love, love, love this tip. I am a designer/artist who has just been commissioned to create a piece using laser cutting. Ooooooooh, I am excited!