freshly picked: leather mouse pads

One of the best parts about the book tour is getting to meet so many talented artists and designers in person. At last night’s event in Salt Lake, we met some fantastic crafters and artists, one of whom really caught my eye. Susan Peterson is the designer behind Freshly Picked, a great collection of leather goods that range from office accessories to adorable baby shoes (these have little Ruby Cho written all over them). My favorite pieces are these simple leather mouse pads and pencil cups that are hand-painted white, charcoal or gold ($25 each). I rarely meet a gold accessory I don’t like, but these are so clean and simple, they’re perfect. I don’t typically use a desktop, but I’m thinking of getting one for our new office space next year. Three of these in different colors would be perfect for me, Amy and Kate. If you’re looking for some adorable office (or personal) accessories, click here to shop Susan’s full collection online. xo, grace

Kim (at

Love these. I’m working on redecorating and organizing my office. These would be a great little touch, but my co-workers would definitely be jealous. Sounds like good holiday presents for them!


Don’t spend your hard earned money on something that is vastly overpriced! You can get half a cow of leather for the cost of just one of these mouse pads. Things like this make me sad and angry.