d*s on martha stewart

With all the traveling and work happening during the last few legs of our Design*Sponge at Home book tour, it’s sometimes hard to take a moment to stop and reflect on all that’s happened this year. It still hasn’t hit me fully, but one thing I wanted to be thankful for this morning was getting a chance to stand side-by-side with a woman who has been an endless source of inspiration to me since day one: Martha Stewart. Before we flew out to Salt Lake City on Monday, I got to join Martha for a crafting segment taken from Design*Sponge at Home. In a truly surreal but wonderful moment, I got to show Martha how to use transfer paper to create custom Thanksgiving table linens. It was so fun to craft with her, and the highlight of the day was hearing her tell one of the crafting team that she wanted to make 12 more of our placemats to use at her home for the holiday. I can’t think of a higher compliment. Thanks again to Martha and everyone at the show for having me as a guest. The episode airs today, so if you want to tune in and watch our turkey (and pumpkin pie) talk, click here to find your local air time. xo, grace


i can only imagine how surreal that was. grace, you are so pretty! congrats on everything. i like it when great things happen to nice girls.


Congratulations. Amazing what consistent, committed hard work can lead to.
You’re like Ryan Gosling with three movies in one season!! You’re everywhere!!
Keep going. Great things await…

shelby h.k.

you were too cute on Martha. CONGRATS!! what an amazing experience for you, you deserve it girl!! and thanks for working so hard and travelling on your book tour, it was such a pleasure meeting you.


Grace Bonney

Thank you so much everyone! I haven’t seen the segment yet because we are traveling for the book tour but it was so surreal and fun. It was such an honor to stand next to her :)



How exciting! She is speaking in DC soon and I am hoping to go see her. I’ve been thinking lately how much the profusion of bloggers /writers about food, design, and gardening owe to her.


I think I would literally pee my pants if I met Martha Stewart. You should be so proud of yourself! She is synonymous with entertaining and all things home, and she’ll be dining off of linens that you showed her how to make! That is incredible. Good Job! Huge Huge Huge

Also, I worked your event at the Salt Lake City Anthropologie, and I was so pleased to meet you.

Nicole H

That is so wonderful! I’m so happy for you! I love the photos.