DIYdiy projects

D*S diy projects for ladies’ home journal

by Kate Pruitt

A few months ago, we were asked to contribute some holiday gift DIY projects to the December/January issue of Ladies’ Home Journal. The magazine has just hit stands, and our projects are now available to view on their website! Some of these are variations on past projects, while others — like the vintage book tablet case and the coiled rope bowls — are brand spankin’ new.

If you have any free time over the holiday weekend, you should definitely consider these projects for getting a jump start on your holiday gift-making. My cat was so pissed that he couldn’t sit on the fish-shaped cat scratch pad before it went off to be photographed that I know what I’ll be working on next :) Click here to view the projects and full instructions.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday everyone! Cook, sleep, eat, read, gather, craft, relax, give thanks. We’ll see you back here on Monday! — Kate

Image above: A trio of coiled rope nesting bowls in gold and neutrals make a chic, easy hostess gift.

Image above: Make a vintage book iPad or e-reader case with a linen lining.

Image above: A variation on our popular cat scratch pad tutorial, this time in a fun goldfish shape.

Image above: Dress up simple white mugs with hand-painted botanicals or images of your choice to create personalized gift set.

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  • love those bowls! i would be all over the scratch pad too, but sadly, my kitties turn their noses up at cardboard (unless it’s in box form).

  • These are all very cool! I checked out the site, and the step by step photos.
    One thing I’d like to add about the cat scratcher is that you can use the 2nd side (by flipping the fish over) if you don’t glue the bottom on. Perhaps there is a way to add stability without permanently attaching the bottom cardboard piece.
    Can’t wait to try this!

  • the coiled rope bowls are so simple and sweet! I was thinking of other materials and variations that might work too… you’ve got my juices flowing! Also really like the ipad book cover. So clever and hits on my love of vintage books and elastic closures.. (what will become of our beloved books with all this new technology?!)….

  • We will NEVER become paper free~we’ve been trying for decades, but just seem to create more with electronics. But i’d keep any book you love tucked away safely ;-)

    All of these are so great! Some I remember from the 1st time, but will probably try several, for sure! I’ve seen rope and cord around bowls of glass and boxes made of paper, but never saw one without any structure supporting it…COOL!!

    And may you and Grace, et al, also have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  • Hi, I’m so interessed by the vintage book iPad or e-reader case with a linen lining. But the link isn’t working anymore… Could you give me the link please??