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diy project: mitten tags from present & correct

by Kate Pruitt

The delight of making a gift for someone often extends to the finishing touches; in fact, sometimes the packaging can be the most fun part of all :) If you’re looking for a fast, easy way to recycle materials and make your holiday gifts look adorable, I think you’ll love this cross-stitch mitten gift tag tutorial from Neal of Present & Correct. Neal’s shop is full of cheerful vintage-inspired paper goods and office supplies — I’ve never seen something there that I haven’t wanted to snatch up. These mittens match the clean, modern aesthetic of P&C to a tee and seem so fun to customize with different stitch patterns. I’ll be saving this project for the next rainy day, as I think I might have all of these materials on hand! Thanks for sharing, Neal! — Kate

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  • mitten template
  • medium-weight card
  • colored paper
  • circular punch
  • hammer
  • pencil
  • graph paper
  • hole punch
  • needle
  • scissors
  • scalpel
  • things for decorating (thread, tape, shapes, etc.)


1. Print out our template and tape it to your chosen card to secure it in place. Cut it out.

2. Round off the corners with scissors. It looks nicer.

3. Cut a piece of graph paper to fit the main area of your mitten. Secure in place and with a needle, mark what will become your holes. Space as you wish.

4. Get your hammer and center the punch over each mark. Hit it good. Repeat until all the holes are done.

5. Now’s the fun! Take your thread and work your way into the grid. Play around and use as many or as few of the holes as you like.

6. Use an office punch to make a central hole at the end.

7. A hole reinforcement is a neat detail. Thread some ribbon through.

8. Here are some we made earlier. Play with scale, color and pattern. Letters and numbers look great. If you don’t want to sew, you can punch out a hole pattern and then glue some contrasting paper behind. Labels and paper shapes are good for graphic detail.

9. Attach to a gift (or tree!) and send to a friend. Happy Holidays!

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