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diy project: hanging glass globe display

by Kate Pruitt

I’ve been obsessed with spherical shapes lately, and I can’t stop buying them in all forms. Wood, metal, glass . . . I even bought a pair of cement “pearl” earrings that I’m very excited about. With spheres on the brain, it’s no wonder I couldn’t resist sharing this super-easy tutorial for a hanging glass globe display from Jenna Pitt.

The best part of this project is how adaptable it is. Painted globes? Neon cords? Metallic cords? Fill the globes with air plants or moss? Add a couple round light bulbs? This can looking amazing in a thousand different ways. If you need something fancy for the holidays or just want to give your decor a little update, I highly recommend trying out this DIY and making it your own. The tool work is quite light, and with a helper, you could finish this in no time. Thanks so much for sharing, Jenna! — Kate

Read the full how-to after the jump!


  • Wood board (I used a 1′ x 4′ white MDF)
  • Trim
  • Glass bubbles (I got mine here and used 5 large, 10 small)
  • Drill and bits (I used 3/16 and 3/8, but this will depend on the thickness of your string)
  • Screws and dry wall anchors
  • Small finishing nails and nail set or wood glue
  • Caulk or wood filler
  • Paint or stain
  • String or fishing line
  • Ornament toppers (I got mine here because they had some really small ones — 5/16″ wide)


1. After deciding where to hang your bubbles, drill small holes all the way through the board.

2. Then on the back (the side that will be against your ceiling), drill halfway through the board with your larger bit, so each hole looks something like this:

3. Next you’ll need to attach some molding. If you’re more patient than I, feel free to use the glue (it will take a day to set). Or you can hammer small nails in place and then tap them in the rest of the way using a nail set. Then use caulk or wood filler to cover the holes. Sand that down once it dries until it’s smooth. After the holes are drilled and the trim is attached, go ahead and paint or stain it if you want.

4. Take your ornament tops (I spray painted mine black beforehand) and loop your string through it.

5. Stick the metal prongs into the bubble to secure (I also bent the top flat).

6. Thread your string through the holes (from the front to the back, so the bubble is below). Then tie a good knot at the top.

7. When you pull it tight, the knot will hide in the larger hole you drilled, but the smaller hole will keep it from pulling all the way through. Then just trim the top of your strings, and your board will sit flush against the ceiling. (My brilliant husband thought that one up.)

8. Now secure it to your ceiling. We used screws and dry wall anchors to make sure it was really secure (the bubbles are VERY light and delicate, not heavy at all, but better safe than sorry, especially with this much glass involved).

You’re done!! You can see more process images and read more about this project by clicking here.

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