DIY furniture book by Christopher Stuart

I am excited to share the new DIY book, DIY Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide, for three reasons. For starters, this book was authored by one of our D*S scholarship winners: the extremely talented Christopher Stuart, founder of LUUR design. Second, this book features projects from some of my favorite emerging designers, including Lindsey Adelman, Uhuru and Rich, Brilliant, and Willing. And last, it’s a DIY book dedicated to furniture, which I’ve been dying to see on the market for some time. Needless to say, I’m thrilled.

The projects in the book share a rough, sculptural style that I find extremely appealing; you could easily outfit an arty loft with all the projects, or just choose one or two per room to inject a jolt of industrial chic into your current furnishings. The projects are medium and large in scale, but do not seem overly complicated or intimidating. If you need a gift for the DIY or design-loving people on your list, I highly recommend checking out this book. If it were me, I’d wrap the gift in bubble wrap and finish it off with some sort of bow made from neon zip-ties . . . but I’m crazy like that :) — Kate

Click here to purchase a copy (metric version available here) and here to find out more about the book.


Thank you D*S – that’s the first Xmas pressie bought for my husband this year, and possibly the best thing I’ve ever bought for him. He’s going to love it!

Kevin @ DIY Dork

My wife pointed this book out to me a week or two ago while she was looking for gift ideas. I was happy to see you post some pics from it… definitely looks like one I’m gonna have to order. I love this kinda stuff!