castle polka dot pillows

As I get older, I find myself veering away from polka dots, but it’s hard to resist the allure of electric pink and polka dots. I only have so much willpower. These new pillow cases from Castle in Australia are made of 100% cotton and have polka dots in fluorescent pink, white, black and yellow. The pink is my favorite, but you can shop the full collection online right here ($49 each). I’d like to pair these with something a little more rugged, like a gray wool blanket. The contrast between girly pink and a more traditional charcoal gray would be fantastic. xo, grace


It would be fun to make your own version of these. Either with block printing or using bleach on colored pillow cases!


What I really like about this post is the artwork which appears to have circles–whole and partial–made of tissue paper. I’ve seen a similar piece that uses circles cut from paint chips but this is one that I will definitely try! Thank you for including it in this photo!