caran d’ache neon pens

I’m not sure if it’s all the time on the road, but I find myself indulging in little purchases here and there that will keep me awake and alert. Sometimes that’s a giant chai tea latte at 4pm, and sometimes it’s something in an electric color that will make me smile for a day or two. Amy spotted these pens when we were in Atlanta last week visiting one of our favorite shops, Sid Mashburn. These beautiful neon ballpoint pens are made in Switzerland and coated in several layers of colorful enamel that “stay vibrant forever,” according to the Sid Mashburn site. I couldn’t resist testing the claim — and these colors — so I picked up a few along with Amy. Every time I open my purse, I smile. What’s not to love about a pen that makes you forget you’re using it for work? Click here to check out all four colors (and other non-neon styles) at Sid Mashburn online ($20 each). xo, grace


i’ve had the neon yellow one in my purse for months now….it never gets lost in there!


Sid and Ann Mashburn are our favorite stores! I find it very hard to visit either shop without talking myself into purchasing something wonderful…so glad you’re getting the word out!