buy some damn art

by Kate Pruitt

I’m thrilled with the way the internet is changing the face of art collecting. Artists have the ability to reach a much broader audience, collaborate across vast distances, and exert more control over the sale of their work; and we as viewers and consumers can be private patrons of artists we love, and cultivate our own collections without spending a fortune. I’m thrilled to announce another step in this direction: a new site created by Kate Singleton of Art Hound called Buy Some Damn Art.

Buy Some Damn Art is essentially a rotating online art show that features a small curated collection of original art at affordable prices. Every Tuesday a new selection of six pieces by one or two artists will appear on the site. The works are priced from $200 to $500, and are original works (not reprints). I am so excited to see how the site develops, and hopefully I can add a few amazing pieces to my own small art collection. —Kate

*To celebrate the launch, Kate is offering D*S readers a chance to win $100 by signing up for the BSDA newsletter. She will be drawing two names tomorrow evening, and those winners will receive a $100 gift certificate. Click here to sign up for the newsletter and enter the contest. Good luck!!*

{Artwork from top: Rachel Sitkin, Jennifer Davis, Alan Brown, Becca Stadtlander, and Yelna Bryksenkova}

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