buy some damn art

I’m thrilled with the way the internet is changing the face of art collecting. Artists have the ability to reach a much broader audience, collaborate across vast distances, and exert more control over the sale of their work; and we as viewers and consumers can be private patrons of artists we love, and cultivate our own collections without spending a fortune. I’m thrilled to announce another step in this direction: a new site created by Kate Singleton of Art Hound called Buy Some Damn Art.

Buy Some Damn Art is essentially a rotating online art show that features a small curated collection of original art at affordable prices. Every Tuesday a new selection of six pieces by one or two artists will appear on the site. The works are priced from $200 to $500, and are original works (not reprints). I am so excited to see how the site develops, and hopefully I can add a few amazing pieces to my own small art collection. —Kate

*To celebrate the launch, Kate is offering D*S readers a chance to win $100 by signing up for the BSDA newsletter. She will be drawing two names tomorrow evening, and those winners will receive a $100 gift certificate. Click here to sign up for the newsletter and enter the contest. Good luck!!*

{Artwork from top: Rachel Sitkin, Jennifer Davis, Alan Brown, Becca Stadtlander, and Yelna Bryksenkova}


thank you both for the praise! i have great admiration for the artists featured on BSDA and in fact own artwork by many of them! the name was something a friend threw out over beers, and it immediately stuck.


I agree with Laura.
I just wonder what their criteria is for acquiring the art they are selling. The featured birch trees are gorgeous!


Oh, I love this! Just moved and desperately need some art to spruce up the new pad. Please pick me!


Amazing website. The price point is actually affordable (as opposed to some flash sale sites that claim affordability but actually aren’t!), and I love that they are originals, not prints.


I will be forwarding the website to my sister-in-law. Their walls are empty, and they only want original art on them. Great resource!!


What a great way to buy an original piece of art rather than a print! Thanks for sharing!


I love everything about this, especially seeing Becca and Yelena’s work being featured. They are quite possibly the nicest ladies I’ve ‘met’ online.

p.s. I think there’s a missing ‘e’ in Yelena’s name :)

kara rane

so happy to have more people supporting, promoting, & collecting art…and especially by LIVING artists ..thank Y♡U to all.


What an incredibly beautiful contemporary take on folk art. Thanks for your continuing support of artists and the art community.


thanks to everyone for the positive feedback! it’s great hearing from others who are as excited about affordable originals as i am!