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before and after: creative kitchen redo

by Kate Pruitt

We’ve featured a couple of Sibylle Roessler’s Before & After projects before; her dining room was a huge hit back in August, and her airy, curated bedroom makeover was equally popular. For these rooms, Sibylle has employed a pretty simple but highly effective method of creating big change while keeping costs to a minimum. She brightens things up with a lovely coat of fresh white paint, layers in touches of black and wood for an elegant contrast, then finishes with pops of bright color and fun repurposed vintage accessories.

Her kitchen makeover today is another great example of this technique, and I think the results are lovely. I particularly love the twig wall unit for her rolling pin and the planter made from an old meat grinder. A little bird told me that Sibylle might me moving soon, and I can’t wait to see what creative solutions she’ll employ in her next abode. Awesome job, Sibylle! — Kate

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Time: about one month (one day of painting)

Cost: $0 (The landlord provided the paint. All other items on hand.)

Basic Steps: We had an ugly fridge, and I painted it with chalk paint. Now it serves as our sketch board/calendar/notebook. I once purchased this vintage meat grinder and decided to use it as a flower pot (I have a chili growing in there). Next to it is a mirror, which I also painted with chalk paint. I made my own spice rack — just screwed the jar lids to a shelf and screwed the jars onto it. Due to the small space, I hang a metal wire basket upside down and use it as a holder for all my big spoons, scissors, etc. I love simple and clean, so I kept everything kind of black and white. Hardwood floors help warm up the room.

Here’s the advice I always give: Don’t throw anything away; rather, repurpose it (if you have the time!) and go to flea markets and thrift stores to score a good deal! Reinterpreting flea-market finds is not only green, it can also be terribly charming and what’s old can be new, and 2011 is the year to prove it; –) Living in a small space forces you to prioritize. Having only what you love, need and use simplifies things, is more economical, and leaves time and money for fun! — Sibylle

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