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autumn birthday by loretta flower

by Grace Bonney

If this morning’s summer colors seem a little far away in terms of seasonality, maybe this beautiful autumn birthday from Loretta Flower will be more fitting. Loretta Flower is the Austin-based floral studio of Mary Kathryn Paynter, who creates stunning floral designs that embody the sort of loose, organic feel that so many of us are loving these days. I remember when it was nearly impossible to find a florist who would embrace something seasonal and vintage-inspired, so I love seeing that more independent florists are celebrating that style (partially inspired by Constance Spry). Mary Kathryn created these arrangements for her friend’s birthday party dinner, and I love the pink and rose color theme. This would work so well for a late fall dinner for two, or just a casual get together. Simply swap the birthday cake for small meringues or cupcakes, and you’re ready to go. Click here to check out more of Mary Kathryn’s work at Loretta Flower — it’s the perfect antidote to a cold winter day. xo, grace

All photos by Julie Cope

More images of the birthday flowers after the jump . . .

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