aquasilk at abc carpet

From the files of things I’ll always covet and never afford: ABC Carpet officially launched their Aquasilk line last Friday. These insanely gorgeous overdyed rugs come in a range of styles and, sadly, carry a pretty hefty price tag. But if you’re like me and enjoy indulging in a little virtual window shopping every now and then, click over to their site to see the beautiful range of colors. If I actually did own one of these, I’d feel compelled to wear paper booties over my shoes like I was in a hospital. xo, grace


These rugs are SO beautiful. The best part is that the color vibrantly changes depending on the angle from which you look. Plus they are SUPER soft! I have seen this over dyed technique attempted by many other producers and ABC is hands down the best! One day, maybe one day I will own one… I can always dream

Julia 's Bookbag

These SLAY me. SO beautiful. It’s best I never own one, because if I did, life would grind to a halt, I’d spend all my time gazing at the rug….