anthology magazine online holiday issue

by Kate Pruitt

Sometimes the world seems very small, especially the world of artists, designers, bloggers and makers. Last October, Grace was kind enough to introduce me to Anthology Magazine’s creative director, Meg Mateo-Ilasco, right when her new publication was about to launch. Cut to a year later, and I am thrilled to share with you a project that I helped produce as Anthology’s online editor: the 2011 Anthology Magazine Winter Gift Guide. Meg and editor-in-chief Anh-Minh Le have created a strong and engaging print publication at a time when venturing into print may have seemed crazy. I hope you’ll find this special online issue every bit as enjoyable and lovely as the first five print issues. You can check it out here, and thanks to Grace for letting me share this exciting news! — Kate

Also, for those of you wondering about the annual Design*Sponge gift guides — get ready! They are coming your way starting next week :)

Image above: Jordan Ferney tells of her family’s “activity advent calendar” tradition. Photos by Kelly Ishikawa

Image above: Yoko Vega shows her process for creating her signature origami fabric necklaces. Photos by Bonnie Tsang

Image above: A recipe for jam-filled Linzer cookies by Giao Trac

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  • It’s a lovely magazine and I plan to look at it more closely this evening. But I was disappointed by Yoko Vega’s tutorial. It shows nothing about the intricate folding which baffles me. From an artists point of view I completely understand not wanting to give up too much of your method in order to keep sales and the integrity of the craft, but don’t call it a tutorial.

  • haha, agreed colleen. i had visions of making these with my little sister when i was home for christmas. then i clicked through– nope! i’m really glad they told us to iron things crisply to prepare for….now make a whole necklace. step 6, done!

  • That beautiful cover is enough to get me in the festive spirit! I can’t wait to sit down with a cup of tea and savour each page. Thanks for doing this ladies!

  • Colleen and A-
    You are right! I’m sorry I used the word tutorial, it was a careless error. It’s a glimpse into the process, and I’ve edited the post to reflect this better. Sorry for the confusion! I still hope you try making your own if you feel inspired to do so, though!

  • Kate: haha, well the photos and step by step make it seem like a tutorial, too! Not your fault. :)

  • Kate, it is a pretty interesting look and I would like to try it. Thanks for the post!

  • This is a wonderful on line magazine and free.
    I love the fact that you can share it with friends either via email or post to a social network.
    I especially love the article about Lotta Jansdotter who is a very inspiring artist.
    Thank you for the post