anna emilia

I’ve had artwork on the brain for a few weeks now as I start imagining all the ways we could possibly decorate our office next year. I’ve always wanted a huge gallery wall to focus on a few artists at a time, and one of my favorites that I’m considering starting with is Anna Emilia. I’ve been a fan of her work for a while now, and her newest prints are wintery and wonderful. “Frost Garden on My Window” and “Morning Frost Meadow” are both great options, and 15% of the proceeds of the latter (sold through The Working Proof) go to The Pablove Foundation charity. Art for a good cause always seems like a great excuse to indulge in something new, but you can click here to check out more of Anna’s work at her online shop. xo, grace


I’ve always adored her work too. It’s so light-handed and the colors are always unexpected.


I could see how you could decorate a whole room around one of these pieces . . . there are so many colors and shapes you could pull out and reference. I like her cool, muted palette and delicate linework. . .


I am a big fan of her work, and her, she is so sweet. I am dreaming of owning a piece as well, guess I know one thing I will be asking for for christmas….