andy whitcomb

by Grace Bonney

I’ve been talking about woodworking a lot lately. In lectures and at book events, one frequently asked question is what trends I’m interested in. I think my answer is sometimes disappointing to people because I rarely bring up something snazzy and edgy. Instead, I’ve been discussing my love of high-quality woodworking. After years of writing about colorful manufactured goods, the only thing I want to surround myself with is warm, natural wood — especially if it’s salvaged or reclaimed and reminds me of how little work nature needs to be turned into great design. These pieces above and below are by Andy Whitcomb, a furniture designer based in Seattle, Washington. Andy makes all his work from found, salvaged or reclaimed materials and focuses primarily on custom or one-of-a-kind pieces. I really love the simple tables he makes, but you can check out a wide range of his work right here. With all the rapid prototype machines and high-tech courses these days, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the next generation of up-and-coming designers will study and appreciate woodworking, too. xo, grace

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  • Very nice work, this was a lovely post to see first thing this morning. My Husband and I are woodworking furniture designers and craftsman out of the Charleston, SC area (just missed you!) and I must say I always enjoy hearing of other craftsmen taking the time and energy to use reclaimed or recycled materials – not only is it good for the environment, but it often showcases the talent and dedication of the craftsmen as reclaimed woods can be tricky to work with sometimes. Great stuff.

  • I love everything he makes! Warm, simple and solid. And that old tennis (badminton?) racket display is genius.

  • With so many posts on re-painting or covering wooden furniture it’s lovely to see one that celebrates the beauty of quality wood :) Just love these pieces from Andy Whitcomb – especially the low table!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this post on woodworking. My boyfriend is a new technology education teacher and we are both disappointed by how little enthusiasm there is from students from surrounding woodworking and other industrial arts.

    I will definately be making a mood board using some of Andy’s work to help get next year’s kids motivated in class – especially the girls!

  • I love pure wood. My father’s a woodworker and I think it always looks more beautiful when it is perfectly sanded and finished. Speaking of reclaimed wood, there is a group of woodworkers in Connecticut known as City Bench who do some fantastic work. Some of it is on display at the Connecticut Historical Society for the next few months. It is all pretty amazing stuff!

  • I agree with everything you’ve said regarding woodworking. I’m thrilled to be in a part of the country that still highly values good quality woodworking and handmade items.
    I love working with my hands, and one of my passions is definitely woodworking, so seeing a post and the plethora of comments on its value is refreshing. Someday, I’ll leave my day job to pursue it full time.

  • This is a fantastic post! Thank you for recognizing the wonder of purely natural elements in design. Really beautiful furniture

  • I feel so lucky to have Andy right in my backyard here in Seattle. I had the pleasure to go meet him out at his workshop and he’s truly amazing!!!! I was so inspired by what he creates from reclaimed materials. To own one of his pieces would be a dream and honor.