an all natural holiday

I haven’t even begun to think about decorating (or buying) a Christmas tree, but holiday decorations seem to be everywhere already. I can’t bring myself to embrace traditional red and green, except in its most natural form. These plant-based decorations have subtle green and red/purple highlights that are about as classic “red and green” as I can get. Best of all, they’ll last well past the holiday season. The growing kits above are from Another Studio — each “Plantini” is a miniature plant house made from etched metal. It would make a very sweet gift on its own, but grouped in multiples, it would be a fun spin on a traditional winter house Christmas scene.

The succulent ornaments above and below are from one of my favorites, Flora Grubb. Each succulent is harvested from Flora’s California gardens and mounted on an ornamental hook. You can buy a solo ornament or a set of three, all of which will last for several weeks. When the holiday is over, just remove them from the hooks and plant them! No matter what you decorate with this year, keep plants in mind — they’re a beautiful way to bring color into your home while saving a bit of money and investing in something that will last (with care) for months to come. xo, grace


I bought the Plantini for my mom for Christmas and am so disappointed! It is absolutely stunning but impossible to put together without metal fatigue causing the tabs to warp and snap. Don’t throw your money away!


Hello! This is Another Studio here responding to the disappointed comment about Plantini. Each product we design always undergoes testing before anything is released for sale. We use a range of people to test and give feedback on our product so we are sure it works as it should. However, we’re sorry to hear customers have experienced problems assembling the product. We take all comments and feedback on board and have since re-worked the design and instructions to make the piece easier to assemble. We would be very happy to offer a replacement Plantini to anyone who encountered any assembly problems.