altitude memo block

After 18 cities, I’ve finally started adjusting to life on the road. One thing that’s been helpful is letting go of my digital list-making and embracing paper to-do lists again. Something about crumpling up a real piece of paper and throwing it away when the list is finished beats that “crinkling paper” noise my computer’s trashcan makes. This memo block at Canoe makes lists a little more interesting, with paper cut to resemble topographic maps and numbers on each page to represent the number of sheets left. The memo blocks come in three colors (white, green and black) and are available right here for $12 each. Happy list-making . . . xo, grace


Awesome product! Cartography fascinates me, and I just can’t go through any more list pads!
These are great!


this is so cool. this paper is really beautiful. and i agree with you about electronic lists. i’ve given it a good try. but there’s just something about the act of writing…what happens when the hand moves across the paper…that makes me feel more focused, organized, less frenetic or fractured. and crossing things off a to-do list with a slash of a pen — there’s no better feeling. this seals it: i’m going back to my trusty moleskines.


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how cool!
i still write paper lists, but keep important ones online – then i can’t lose them!


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