wilder quarterly

by Kate Pruitt

I know there’s a growing voice in the world claiming that “print is dead.” But I don’t buy it. Has anyone else noticed the string of high quality magazines hitting stands lately? There are Kinfolk, Lucky Peach and Anthology, and I’m very excited about this new addition to the group: Wilder Quarterly. It seems we might actually be entering a golden age for periodical publications.

Wilder Quarterly provides seasonal content for plant enthusiasts of all kinds: indoor or outdoor gardeners, foodies, green thumbs, botanists, hobby farmers — I would venture to say that anyone who gets excited about nature will appreciate this magazine. It’s beautiful from top to bottom, features contributors from a variety of fields and provides tons of useful resources for gardeners — everything from a list of recommended practices by growing region to cooking and preserving ideas for your at-home harvest. I’m so impressed by the sophistication and thoughtfulness of this publication, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. Hooray for print! — Kate

Wilder Quarterly would like to extend a special deal to D*S readers! Simply use the discount code WQ1011DS20 when purchasing online. The first hundred people who use the discount code will get 15% off a single issue or full subscription purchase! If you have any issues using the code, please email Wilder Quarterly here.

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  • I don’t EVER want print to die! I love a great glossy magazine! It’s one of the things that I look forward to every month getting a great crisp shelter mag in the mail and thumbing through it! The internet is great but LONG LIVE PRINT! Keep these new mags coming!

  • Completely agree with Lindsey! Online mags cannot compare with a printed magazine. This one looks great! (and Beth, I love G&G too!)

  • Drat, I wish I had not rushed out to subscribe immediately when I heard about this! A new gardening magazine was just what I needed–and a discount would have been icing on the cake.
    I will always include some print in my life, but I wonder how my habits will change when I finally get an ipad.

  • Thank you for this post, Grace. As a print designer, I appreciate your support of this beautiful medium and its endurance. I agree that there will always be a place for print in this world, especially since print mediums are such a great showcase for our work. I don’t think that the tactile, personal, very comforting pages of a magazine or book will ever go unwanted.

    Beautiful new magazine, I will be sure to check it out. It looks to be an abundant source of inspiration.

  • Woohoo! So glad to see Wilder featured on D*S! As one of the contributors for this inaugural issue, I’m very excited to see how it is received. There are lots of awesome articles to read and beautiful photography! Great for us horticulture types going into winter with time to read and daydream about next spring. :-)

  • there didn’t seem to be a way to look at/evaluate the first issue without subscribing. Was there?

  • I ordered a subscription for my best friend’s christmas present as soon as you posted this, but it hasn’t arrived. i contacted the magazine twice but they haven’t responded, and they already charged my credit card. i want so much to support projects like this, but customer service is a must.

  • Wilder just wrote me back, so problem solved. It looks like it was just a communication snafu and not something that is regularly practiced. The magazine is fab, and now that they’ve contacted me back, their customer service is good, too!