what’s your tech setup: anne ditmeyer

When it comes to choosing the right tech products, I am a firm believer in looking to your friends for help. Reading online reviews from trusted sources and trying out a gadget in person can provide a pretty good idea of what to expect, but there’s nothing as reliable as hearing what your friends and colleagues are using in their everyday lives. With that in mind, I’ve started a new mini-series of posts for MyLifeScoop called “What’s Your Tech Setup?” Over the next couple months, I’ll be interviewing some talented and tech-savvy creative professionals to find out which tech devices they use for work, play, travel and more. My first interview is with our very own contributing editor, Anne Ditmeyer. Click here to read the full post and find out about Anne’s tech setup. — Kate

Portrait photo by Caitlin Earley

Marty Ditmeyer

The photo with all the elements showing Anne’s tech setup was great.

Prêt à Voyager

Thanks so much for having me, Kate! I’m definitely co-dependent on my technology. Also very cool that I could work remotely from Venice, Italy this week!

Louise Knight-Gibson

Will you be adding links or tags for the products? Obviously the apple products are identifiable, but it would be nice to know in case someone uses a less popular product. I am looking forward to this fabulous addition to DS!


This is a great idea. I was wondering if you could do one for a creative writer. I know you guys are very focused on design, but as a writer myself, I’m constantly wondering what other people use to get their jobs done. This is a great idea thanks!!


Oh, this is such a fun series! Reminds me of a peak inside peoples purses, but more geeky and fun! Cheers!

Meggan / The World Effect

I love Pret-a-Voyager! As a designer and travel blogger, it is very interesting to see Anne’s setup. It is also truly inspiring because she has such an efficient system down. I definitely could use some down-sizing…. but I don’t think I could give up my DSLR and lenses. Thanks for great post!