untold imprint linens

by Grace Bonney

I love seeing people embrace pattern that feels handmade and imperfect. After years of bold patterns and over-the-top decorations, I’ve come to embrace items that feel a bit more weathered, clean and simple. These beautiful new linens are from designer Phoebe of Untold Imprint. She started her business this summer with the mission of “preferring the imperfect to the polished and loving when something gets better with age.” That philosophy creeps into each of her handmade linens, whether in towel, tea towel, apron or bag form. I love that the prints feel slightly faded, as if she just watercolored them and placed them in the mail. It’s that look that will wear beautifully with use. You can check out the story behind her new Autumn line right here, or shop the full collection at Phoebe’s Etsy shop right here. xo, grace

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