top 5 high-tech wall decor solutions

by Kate Pruitt

If space was no object, I’d size up all of my wall decor in a heartbeat. It’s been great seeing so many cool companies popping up in recent years that make creating customized modern wall art financially feasible for everyone, so I decided to round up a few of my favorite new products and services over at MyLifeScoop. I found some excellent places that provide creative solutions for framing, wallpaper, room dividers, easy-to-remove decals and more. You can check out the full post by clicking here. Enjoy! — Kate

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  • I LOVE, absolutely LOVE the one in the left corner in the bottom. “The Girl with theb pearl earing” was the book my husband and I read out loud for each other (taking turns) in our honeymoon… takes me back to a marvelous experience.

  • Wonderful! I am going there to take a further look! I love
    the one with the girl with the pearl earing, it reminds me of
    Chuck Close in a way.. Fabulous!

  • I love the dark Dutch flowers in the header. How did you do that mural? It looks like it was pieced together from computer sized paper, but I can’t quite tell.

  • really curious on the dimensions of the ‘girl with the pearl earing’. i have massive walls with the inability to complete a canvas, so i think i’ll do that! lol