sticky hack

Thanks to the crafty people in my life (namely Kate and Matt), I’ve become sort of obsessed with materials lately. I used to be more of a finished-product type of person, but now the raw materials (wood, leather, brass rivets, etc.) seem more appealing than the things they can become. So I was fascinated by this video for sugru, a sticky material that has incredible holding power. I’m already dreaming up 9 million ways I’d like to use this around the house to keep things together that are starting to wear, but this video sort of says it all. It’s always fun to see a useful product in action. xo, grace

Ana Montiel

Loving both the video and the material! Can’t wait to try it! …fingers crossed so that I can find it in London.

Thanks for the recommendation! :)


Fantastic! Just ordered for the house and plan to give gifts at Christmas. I will not be responsible for uses dreamed up by #1 son and son-in-law, however!


well that is just WAY cool. Did I miss where you can buy it?


Sugru is AMAZING. It’s fun and so useful! My husband discovered it and brought some home and I geeked right out.

Emily @ Merrypad

A favorite. I hope you try it soon and love it (I’ve written about several uses on my site… from making feet on a reclaimed wood centerpiece, to fixing a tripod… to repairing almost all of my iPhone cords). Thanks for helping to spread the word on Sugru!


Yes! Fantastic video, and I feel I must have the sugru! I’m sure I’ll find so many uses for it. Thank you for sharing this!


awesome; a million ideas tumble already in my head while watching this SUPER VIDEO… Thanks for sharing; I shall very much look out for this incredible new product!


oh, yeah. Just bought some for me and some to give away to friends.