spun lamps

I’m the type of person you really can’t take into a store sometimes. If there’s a toy or gadget I can fiddle with on a table, I’m going to do it. Whenever I see something top-shaped, I have to stop and see how long I can get it to spin, so when I saw these new lamps from Evie Group, I immediately wanted to tip them on one end and give ‘em a twirl. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t end well, so for now, I’m going to admire them from afar. This “Spun” series of lighting is up for a Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award and will be officially released to the market this December. I love that the lamps have wires that can be wound around the lamp or placed on the floor to resemble a top that has spun out. It’s such a playful way to approach both hanging and standing lamps. Click here for more information and to bookmark the page for sales starting in December. xo, grace

Wave Avenue

must not spin it when i see it.. that’s pretty hard to resist! but also makes a pretty good lighting accessory!


These lamps look so elegant, thank you for posting this!
A very nice example of toy-inspired design too!
They seem to be available only in january or februrary now…

Evie Group

Spun lamps are available now.!
If you are in Sydney, stop by our pop-up store at the Gaffa Gallery until the 3rd of March 2012 where you can view these and our current collection.