I don’t often come across someone who has to say the word “sponge” as often as I do. So when I do, I feel like I’ve found a new friend.* These beautiful Sponge lights are from designer Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte, who makes each clay sphere by hand. Good for indoor or outdoor use, it casts the sort of subtle, ambient light that’s great for parties and entertaining. If you want to check out Miguel’s lights in greater detail, you can view the entire series right here. xo, grace

*Watching Amy try to say “sponge” a dozen times a day without laughing has been one of the funniest parts of working with her full time. It’s pretty impossible to say, “No, SPONGE, like you use in your kitchen,” to someone on the phone without cracking up.


Those are stunning!!

I took a ceramics workshop once with a british ceramic artist who said the word ‘sponge’ in such a distinct accent (think spoonge). Now it’s stuck in my head when I’m looking around the studio for my favourite ‘spoonge’.

Margaret Couch

Lovely lights! Words and names are such fun… almost a separate post topic. My married last name is Couch and I find my self saying something very similar “It’s Couch, like what you have in your living room.” or “… like the furniture.” LOL thanks! – M


Would love to find pricing, availability regarding these lights, but was not able to obtain info on the link you provided. Do you have any more information? Thanks!

Rebecca Burke

These are gorgeous lamps.Please let us know where to purchase them. Thank-You