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sneak peek: shelley goldberg & tony writer

by anne

Native New Yorker and textile designer Shelley Goldberg started working in fashion houses before moving into the realm of home design. While she often considers her work “art for the floor,” today’s peek into her Clinton Hill, Brooklyn home demonstrates how the space becomes a palette for larger design experiments. Overall, Shelley considers her aesthetic much more English than American, as she’s heavily influenced by her time spent at Central Saint Martins in London and by her British husband, Tony. The two spent a year exploring Southeast Asia, which also informs Shelley’s style and her use of bright colors and pattern. Many thanks to Shelley and Reven Wurman for the photos! — Anne

Image above: This is a view of the living room from the dining room vantage point. We completely renovated the original wide plank pine floors and sourced matching pieces to repair and enhance it. Orange is my favorite color. I have made the focal point of the room one of my rug designs, and you can see accents of the color throughout the room. Because the living room windows face west, we get amazing afternoon and evening light year round.

Image above: This is the photo wall in my office, which hangs above a vintage mid-century piece of wood and wicker furniture that I had refurbished to match one of my rug designs. The photos are of all the most important people in my life interspersed with images from our Southeast Asia adventures. The green paint up to the chair rail is Benjamin Moore’s Grassy Meadows.

The rest of Shelley and Tony’s Brooklyn home continues after the jump . . .

Image above: This is a view of my son’s room, which faces east and gets amazing morning light (which means he gets up at the crack of dawn each day unless it’s raining!). Again, his floor has one of my rugs, which I designed for a client with my son in mind. I thought it would be a great kids’ rug without feeling too juvenile.

Image above: Part of my dish collection, which hangs above the fireplace mantle in our dining room. I love this collection because it is a great way of combining my interest in pattern design and my husband’s interest in cooking and food presentation. Each dish was either hand picked by me, created by a designer friend or a gift.

Image above: This is an image of our dining room. I love the art in this room. On the far wall is an image by Claire Nereim of California fruits. On the wall to the right of the fireplace is a photo printed on glass made by Jason Miller that we purchased at one of the original supporters of Brooklyn design, the Future Perfect. Above the credenza is a photograph taken by my mother, a professional photographer. What is great about this room is that it opens right on to our deck, which gives the room a great indoor/outdoor quality. I can also sit at the dining room table with a glass of wine while chatting to my husband as he cooks dinner. The paint is Benjamin Moore, but unfortunately, I don’t have the name.

Image above: Part of our bedroom, with the focal point on our bed and a mural I designed. Rather than having a headboard, I preferred to use one of my designs to add color and fun to the room. Many of the rooms in the house have one of my designs on the wall — most of them originally rug designs that I retrofitted to work on a wall. The colors on the bedroom wall mural are Benjamin Moore: Cayman Blue (darker blue), Orange Nectar, Ocean Breeze (lighter blue), Middlebury Brown and Decorator’s White.

Image above: Living room view as seen from the foyer. The mural was originally a rug I designed for West Elm but translated into a mural. The rug and poufs are products I designed for clients. We purchased the sofa 9 years ago at Las Venus, a vintage furniture store in Manhattan. The photo resting on the mantle is another of my mother’s images.

Image above: Second floor bathroom renovated to celebrate the classic townhouse aesthetic. The best thing about this room is showering or bathing while looking out the window at the flowering garden.

Image above: Close up image of the Ingo Maurer Love Notes pendant light my husband gave me for our anniversary. We had all of our friends and family write us notes to hang from the light. One of my favorites is from my grandmother, which she wrote to me on Mother’s Day just before she died.

Image above: The kitchen was designed by Henrybuilt in Seattle and is made of bamboo.

Image above: This is a view of our garden. The image is shot from our deck looking down into the garden, which has a bluestone patio, fences covered with mature rose bushes in springtime and 150 different planted perennials. But you will have to use your imagination, since this shot was taken in early autumn after the glorious rainbow of flowers passed for the season.

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