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sneak peek: rob & julie maigret

by anne

Four years ago, Julie Maigret started her interior design business focusing primarily on modern residences in the Los Angeles area. Today we have a special peek inside her own Los Feliz home that she and her husband, Rob, created to represent their individual styles and tastes (and compromises), following the advice she always gives clients: Always surround yourself with things you love. Since the house was built in 1961, they wanted to stay true to its mid-century modern roots while injecting it with their own casual and comfortable vibe and also finding ways to integrate technology without hurting the aesthetic. Thanks to Julie and to Rachel Thurston for the great photos! Click here for some bonus images! — Anne

Image above: I love this Slim Aarons photo of Britt Ekland. When I look at it, I wonder what kind of crazy stories she has about being married to Peter Sellers.

Image above: The “hi. i am in love with you.” print is by artist Adam Cohen. I love that it is one of the first things visitors see when they walk into the house — our little beacon of cheer.

The rest of Julie and Rob’s home continues after the jump . . .

Image above: The chair is by Danish designer Illum Wikkelso. I love its deep comfort and unique legs. Much of the furniture in our house is Danish. The textured wooden table to the right is a unique creation circa 1970 found at a now-defunct Palm Springs consignment store. I have never seen anything like it. And Palm Springs has some of the best vintage shopping in existence.

Image above: I designed this bed out of some Paul Smith fabric I found on eBay. It’s an homage to a man’s tailored suit.

Image above: The vintage Calze Ortalion poster is by Italian artist Rene Gruau and from the 1960s. It turned out to complete the space perfectly.

Image above: When we bought the house, there was tan shag carpet in the dining room and tan grass cloth wallpaper on the walls. Pretty drab. So we went completely in the opposite direction. The floors are a bright white linoleum that looks like milk. Does it have to be cleaned all the time? Yes. Is it worth it? Totally.

The artwork is by Los Angeles artists Simmons & Burke and are stunning digital collages of layered photographs of fire. We went for the classic Saarinen Oval Dining Table, Executive Armchairs and a Nelson Bubble Lamp from DWR. A big pet peeve is uncomfortable dining chairs. We were determined to splurge for the most comfortable we could find. Mission accomplished. The vases are all from Jonathan Adler, and the wall color throughout the house is Dunn-Edwards Swiss Coffee.

Image above: These flowers are called “Billy Buds,” and they dry just like this and last indefinitely. They’re like bright little suns. I am all about low-maintenance flowers like these and orchids.

Image above: The lacquered artwork is by San Francisco artist Rex Ray. The vintage 1970s op art mirror was purchased at a yard sale for $5 and remains one of the great finds of my lifetime. The vintage sideboard is Danish. The vintage Laurel Lamp and wood sculpture are eBay finds. I cannot say enough about the durability and versatility of Flor tiles. A must for households with small children, pets and/or clumsy people. I wish I invented them. Ours are in Sweet Dreams/Caramel. They remind me of suede bucks, my favorite shoes.

Image above: This guest room is based around the oranges & browns in the painting, which was done by Rob’s father in the late 60s/early 70s. I adore this vintage Calze Ortalion poster advertising women’s stockings. It’s from the 1960s by Italian artist Rene Gruau. It keeps the room from taking itself too seriously and makes the ceiling seem even higher. The “Onion” bedding is by Fold, the pillows from Jonathan Adler & Judy Ross. The lamp is also from Jonathan Adler. The mirror was a great find from the usually tame Pottery Barn.

Image above: The framed b&w is from the online Conde Nast store, a great resource for affordable photographic prints. The towels are by Missoni. I like to have an orchid in each room. They are affordable, last for months . . . and a little bit of fuchsia in a room goes a long way.

Image above: The master bedroom was wallpapered in a tan grass cloth, and we didn’t like how dull the walls looked against the white terrazzo. We stripped it and painted the walls Dunn-Edwards Swiss Coffee, which is used throughout the house. We added a long, thin mirror along the back wall, which makes the already large room seem even larger. The mirror reflects the pool, trees and mountains outside, and it’s just bright and beautiful and happy. James Perse has a line of bedding that is lined with jersey material on the inside. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, just like all their clothes, of which we are both huge fans.

Image above: We commissioned the steel sculpture from San Francisco artist Killean Evans after seeing a similar piece of hers in a house we rented in Sonoma. The pieces are hollow and made of five different lightweight interlocking pieces, so we can move them around and change it up easily. She is a great talent; the piece was astoundingly reasonable, and she turned it around in a few months. When it’s lit up at night, it casts stunning geometric shadows on the wall.

Image above: For three years, we were undecided on what to do with the upstairs balcony. It got so much intense sun during the day, it was rendered nearly unusable. We finally decided to install a canopy that followed the lines of the pitched roof, so it looked like it was part of the architecture. An uneven floor required a custom built-in chaise, which is made of ipe and Sunbrella fabric. It was well worth waiting until we were certain of what to do with the space. The balcony is now a mini haven.

Image above: This is us standing on our balcony sofa. Dress from Anthropologie!

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  • your home is stunning. i’ve spent the last half hour admiring the details in each room (then reading the descriptions to learn more). hands down my favorite sneak & peek on design sponge in a very long time (if not forever). it feels modern, clean and rich with thought. thanks for sharing. i love the juxtaposition of the dark blue carpet with the dark wood/white-fabric chaise. i love the different mirrors over the beds. i love the terrazzo floors. the pops of color throughout. the danish furniture and modern feel of the design is nicely balanced by the playfulness that’s brought in from the pieces by jonathan adler, missoni, Conde Nast, etc. you really get a sense of your personality and aesthetic… and you seem like a great couple to have dinner with!

  • Love it! we’ve got a cantilevered hearth, tooj, which I love–but the similarities end there. aspirational. thanks!

  • The house is beautiful (though not my style…), I am in love with all of the pillow choices here! They grab my eye in just about every image.

  • This is great! I love the place you give to art in your home. I think sometimes we overlook how important these pieces are for a well designed space. The artwork and your thoughtful presentation of it, really does make your home unique and exciting. I keep wanting to look more.

  • If you ever need a house sitter or would like to do a swap and spend a little time on Maui, I’m your girl! In all seriousness, your home is gorgeous. I love everything but especially the 60s Ortalion, your bathroom and your balcony (what a great place to curl up with a good book or to watch the stars while sipping a cocktail).

  • Love the look of your fireplace. My great room has something similar but in brick which I’ve been itching to paint white. All very inspirational! P.S. Maigret is my favourite detective!

  • What an utterly fabulous and fantastic house! I want it – and love everything about it – mid-century is so timeless and just looks soooo good…!! love it!! thanks for sharing! ;-))

  • Your home is simply lovely. Would you be so kind as to share where one might find “Billy Buds”? I just did a quick search and found nothing related to these flowers you have pictured.

  • Joyce… the yellow balls of good cheer are most commonly called “billy balls” or Craspedia. Craft stores often have them dried and they last a quite well if you manage to find them fresh!

  • Love, Love, LOVE this home! Someday I would love to have a home like this!!!! I am wondering where to find good planters, I can never seem to find any I like. The one hold the orchid plant is perfect, where can I find it!?! I am also wondering, if the wood beam ceilings are original and if you did anything to them? Love!

  • One of my favorite sneak peak! Love the living room the most! This home speaks character.

  • I can’t believe there aren’t more comments on this house. Beautiful!! You have done a fantastic job. My favorite areas are the living room, the breakfast nook in the kitchen, the den, the bathroom, and the upstairs balcony. With these spaces it’s not about Hollywood glam or 60s pop, it just feels very comfortable. I also love that you steered away from the grandmother look that sometimes comes out with MCM.

    This is probably one of my favorite house tours. Thank you!!

  • I forgot to mention, there is one thing that bothers me when I look through your photos. The fan in your bedroom should be a hugger fan. The ceiling is too low to have the non-hugger version.

  • Also, I absolutely covet this house and everything about it. Fantastic finds paired with good taste and a retro-inspired aesthetic? Yes please.

  • We love all that you have accomplished with the interior design of this simply lovely home. It is refreshing, in very good taste, bright, bold, innovative and awesome…we are so proud of you and Rob.

  • a lovely home for two perfectly lovely people. the pictures are gorgeous and perfectly capture the clean comfort of your home. congratulations, rob and julie. well done.

  • Your home is wonderful! Love the brightness of it all. That balcony is perfect. What a fun tour!

  • Wow! When can I move in? So cheerful and yet peaceful. I would definitely be a telecommuter, because I would never want to leave.

  • Gorgeous home! This tour has given my husband and I plenty of inspiration for the many design decisions we’ll be making soon while updating our 1968 home. Can I ask what type of flooring is installed in the living area? I love the shine and the textured look.

  • Such a beautiful house! In the first photo there is an interesting light fixture by the fireplace. Is it some type of hanging glass? I would love to know more about it. Thanks!

  • Wow, this is gorgeous. RICH with personality and style. Every detail is thought out… love it!

  • Beautifully done, Julie and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as my husband and I are embarking on our own mid-century remodel at this very moment. Could you comment on the flooring in your hall and bedroom? Also, would you mind sharing the brand and color of the kitchen linoleum? We were thinking white tile, but I may be sold after seeing how shiny this looks. Thanks!

  • @ maria – thanks for the super sweet comments. the wall to wall carpeting used to be shag, but we replaced it all with flor tiles. the tan color you see is sweet dreams in caramel.
    in the guest bedrooms we chose sweet dreams in hot fudge, and feelin’ groovy in black.

    i do not know what brand of linoleum is in the kitchen, unfortunately. it was installed by the previous owner. we do have a white linoleum in the dining room, though. its only 2 large pieces for the whole room, and its gorgeous and sturdy.

  • @joyce – you can order fresh craspedia/billy balls online – but only in bulk at:


    @jennica – not sure if you’re in the LA area, but i get most of my planters at Pot-ted in Atwater Village – their website is : http://www.pottedstore.com
    as for the white pot where the orchid is, i found it at a vintage shop.

    @molly – the white flooring is terrazzo throughout, but the carpeting is from Flor. love Flor tiles!

    @rebeca – the light fixture is by local so cal artist caleb siemon, and his works can be found at Okay at http://www.okstore.la

    thanks, all!

  • Lovely! Can you tell me where you got the red and white zig-zaggy throw that appears in a couple of photos?