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sneak peek: gretchen jones

by Amy Azzarito

Self-made fashion designer Gretchen Jones (with a fashion label by the same name) may call Fort Green Brooklyn home, but she spends most of her time on the streets of the garment district. Her line is heavily influenced by Southwestern Americana meets urban indie girl, and she describes the aesthetic of her home as romantic eclecticism in the form of a bohemian sophisticate. Her relaxed approach means surrounding herself with things she loves, forgetting whether they match and believing everything will inherently “work” together in a unique nest. Many thanks to Gretchen and to Jamie Beck for the photos! — Anne

Image above: Bringing in elements of the Southwest, like the cowhide rug and hand-woven tapestries, warm my space. The vintage mid-century couch is long and lean and a little bit lady. I always keep my magazines close, but want them to be in an orderly manner. The bins add to my hippie vibe while also keeping things organized. My front room serves as my studio, dining room, living room and entry. Breaking the space up into different categories keeps things open, but communal . . . and I like that.

Image above: My bed is my reprieve from the concrete jungle and fierce fashion industry. The antique Hudson Bay blanket and native rug are from my best friend’s modern trading post, Ruby+George. The pillows are by my friend’s home line, Appetite, and I like crisp white linens, so the space doesn’t feel overwhelmed. The painting by the bed is by my close friend Deanne Bucks; she’s a gem, and they make me feel home.

The rest of Gretchen’s Brooklyn home continues after the jump . . .

Image above: Sketches are from my A/W 2011 collection, available via Stevenalan.com & Francesmay.com.

Image above: Parisian dress form for dressmakers. Probably my proudest moment was being able to afford this; I like having it in my living room, so I can see it every day and think about how far I’ve come. The antique Chinese silk tapestries are another score from Ruby+George, and that amazing fiber lamp [that] says Canon made is circa the 70s!? I love this little nook. It feels like a mini universe of found wonders and cherished goods!

Image above: My bathroom is typical NYC — sans window! Brightening up the tiny space was important to me because bathrooms should be relaxing spaces. The chartreuse color keeps the space bright and fresh. I brought in natural tchotchkes found during hikes on the Oregon coast.

Image above: My grandmother Gretchen’s fur shawl hangs from the couch, keeping family close. Caspian shell lamp is a vintage score.

Image above: My desk is the center of my universe, and the art on my wall is like a real-life mood board. Most of the art is from friends of mine, and they remind me of the love and support I have around me if even from afar.

Image above: My favorite thing in a home is the hearth, perfectly awaiting your most coveted pieces. Vintage elk horns, Native American storytellers and ivory lions all found via Ruby+George. Matryoshka dolls and panther lamp are second-hand scores. The Faile print was my first-ever purchase in the art world. And a girl always needs candles to warm up a non-working fireplace — just add sage smudge sticks and some cedar from home.

Image above: You can never have too many scarves. My collection includes family heirlooms, Tanya Aguiniga originals and thrift scores. I honestly don’t go anywhere from Sept.–April without one on, and each serves a different mood!

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  • Beautiful! I love that Jones was featured here! I’ve been eyeing her since Project Runway and it’s fun to see her style reflected in her home!

  • I love getting to see into a fashion designers home and it looks lived in with a ton of personality. I’m always a little disappointed when a peek into someone’s lives seems like a movie set instead of like a living space.

  • Beautiful home! I love the way everything in the space is somehow personal. The artwork, the southwestern vibe… I love that you’ve described your home as an oasis, and we get the sense of how much you love friends/family, and how you’re loved in return!


  • Gretchen as pulled together a color palette and overall decor them that keeps the eye entertained as well as engages your sense of touch and sound — it looks amazing!

  • I wasn’t a big fan of Gretchen on Project Runway… Is it okay that her home has officially won me over as a fan!? Just beautiful! The color range is bold and still I find it comforting. Exactly what a good designer’s home should be!

  • Does anyone else think that the white couch desperately needs a steam cleaning? Seems like a very weird photographs to be featured for this sneak peek–especially because the other photos feature intriguing vignettes. I do like the way that Gretchen laid the blanket over the back of the couch, yet under the seat cushions. Still–maybe in this case, it should go over the seat cushions?

  • I really like it! I looked and then went back for a second look and thumbs up! :) Thanks!

  • Sure love Gretchens style on the show and now. Fabulous place to live. I especially love that picture of the back of the couch, with the fur hanging over and the big bags…that photo is my favorite. I feel like it kinda sums it all up. That photo of Gretchen is so lovely. She is so pretty and I am loving her blond hair.

  • It makes me want to buy a cactus. Southwest, Navajo Chic, Southwestern Americana.. whatever it is.. I love it. It’s huge in fashion right now too; I did a buying guide on my site a few weeks ago. But I love it for the home and mixing it with “urban indie girl” even more.

  • I agree with Katie that the couch needs to be steam cleaned. You can be eclectic and love retro but it has to be clean….! That is actually the first thing I noticed while looking at this photo shoot and the thought did not leave my mind…like um… is it the light? is it the picture? is it my computer…?!

  • It’s great, I love the patterns and the warmth, so colorful and lived-in. I always liked Gretchen, there is something about her style that seems like taming wild things in a lovely way.

  • I love how she manages to use a lot of Native American influences and still not come across as “theme-y.” Everything appears so natural and effortless!

  • The artwork is amazing! That couch is gross-looking. Can’t she use her PR winnings to get it cleaned or reupholstered? Is it actually that dirty?

  • For the couch haters>> I just have to note that it is a CLEAN 3 tone monochrome velvet swirl print using: cream, bone & white. XX

  • Scrolled through the comments to see if I could find the name of that beautiful blue paint behind the desk and I have to say I think the couch looks fine! Fabric like that always catches the light that way. And what kind of blue paint is that? Thanks!

  • i don’t think the couch is dirty, it looks to me like the nap on the fabric makes it read that way. if you have ever had a vintage velveeten sofa, you know how this can look. do you really think gretchen and design sponge would feature a dirty couch? i think not! i think it looks beautiful.

  • Is it really accurate to describe the winner of Project Runway Season 8 as a “self-made” designer?

    Still a great post with interesting pictures!

  • Nicely put, Grace… There’s a reason she was casted in the first place and then that she won. She busted her butt.

    Anyway…. lovely post. One of the most beautiful and inspiring sneak peaks in a while. I think maybe since the mid-century San Rafael home.

  • I love it when people take small spaces and make them feel not only open and warm, but also functional. She did a beautiful job blending elements of the southwest (which can go tacky very quickly) with modern urban chic. It feels very fresh. Glad to finally find something about what Gretchen Jones is up to. Was looking around on the PR Facebook page for info and couldn’t find any.

  • I love everything little thing in this apartment and is very similar to the way i order/style my own home. My favorite sneek so far!!

  • Thank you Grace for your reply…In my own ‘defense’ I would say, very few have what it takes to take big risks in fighting for what you want. I very much feel self made, and believe being ‘made’ in the first place is a matter of finding people who believe in your talent and give you a chance. I’ve worked harder in the last 2 years chasing my dreams than I think many do…and whats not self made about that;)

  • Lovely and warm. Finally a designers home that is both stylish, livable and lived in. Tired of all the nonfunctional show pieces usually shown.

  • Beautiful! It looks like a real home with lots of personality and style. I second Frank’s question asking about the stunning color blue wall behind her desk. Any thoughts on the paint name?

  • yo, what a cool space. so much to see. I’m also a total fan of chartreuse, can’t wait for my next apartment to have more of that! Also like how you combine your fabrics/textiles/rugs, so tactile.

  • i am not fan of a clutter living spaces and too much going on, but this si so efin cool, wonderful mix of furniture, fabrics, details, very eclectic and warm feel to it. i could squat here anytime :) cheers gretchen!

  • one of my favorite sneak peaks so far…… I would really like to see the artists whose work is featured be credited. Imagine the photo shots without the art work…….