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sneak peek: best of orange

by anne

Now that it’s October, it feels like fall is officially here, with leaves changing colors and pumpkins starting to appear on doorsteps (in the US, at least). So we thought it was appropriate to run a “Best Of Orange” post in honor of fall. I must admit, I never realized how versatile the color was until I looked at the various ways it has been used in sneak peeks featured over the years. It definitely brings a bit of warmth to any room, especially in unexpected ways. — Anne

Image above: Myriam Balaÿ-Devidal’s orange-painted tub

Image above: Polly Alexandre’s contemporary orange couch in her London flat

The rest of the Best Of: Orange roundup continues after the jump . . .

Image above: Orange carpeting gives a subtle warmth to Courtney Adamo’s family beach home.

Image above: Orange Kitchen Aid in the home of Hollister and Porter Hovey

Image above: Orange living room wall for Nadeige & John of Choplet

Image above: Orange accents in the office of Megan of La Partie Events

Image above: Joel Fitzpatrick’s own line of orange towels provides a pop of color in his bathroom.

Image above: Caroline de Winter’s orange chairs stand out against the black floor.

Image above: Danielle Deboe’s vintage couch and orange curtains

Image above: The vibrant home of Gunilla and Eivind Platou

Image above: Erin Heath’s vintage orange couch

Image above: An orange touch in Fiyel Levent’s kitchen

Image above: The orange ikat pillow draws out the warmth of the hardwood floors at the home of Halligan Norris Smith and Adam Smith.

Image above: Helen Dardik uses orange to warm up her home and show of her own work.

Image above: An orange espresso machine, orange vintage glassware and oranges in the home of Alissa Pulcrano

Image above: Jen Bilik’s now-discontinued orange Caesarstone bathroom sink

Image above: Linda Ketelhut’s vibrant vintage find

Image above: Morgan Satterfield’s living room lounge

Image above: Patrick Connor adds a playful dose of orange to this room.

Image above: An orange kitchen for Joyce and Dave of Spur Design

Image above: Orange brings Rocio Fueyo’s Madrid home to life.

Image above: Roland Bello’s style has always gravitated to the 60s & 70s.

Image above: Stacey Sargent’s orange door to nowhere

Image above: The wall color came first (the orange is PMS 157) in the bathroom of Susy Pilgrim Waters.

Image above: Suzie McKig’s Spanish-inspired home in Berkeley

Image above: Orange poster in the LA home of Alissa Walker and Keith Scharwath against a pale green wall

Image above: Chris and Stephen Harris-Smith’s pantry door.

Image above: Amy Osaba’s elegant orange dining room

Image above: Elise Vaughn’s orange velvet headboard

Image above: Heather Balliet’s little girl’s room

Image above: Yumiko’s orange cat (and star of many of her Fog Linen Work catalogs)

Image above: The front door to Diva’s bungalow

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  • My absolute favorite accent color is orange! Seriously, it works with everything. Not sure that I could ever do orange as a wall color, but I want to have a pumpkin/spicy orange front door when I have my own house.

  • How about my orange shipping container house? Still a work in progress, we kept some of the original interior walls, and they are the same orange. Bold, but warm and surprisingly less insane than you might think.

  • As my father’s favorite color, I’ve always had an eye out for things in orange. Surprisingly rare for such a happy color. I LOVE the kitchen appliances!

  • I absolutely love the color orange! I’m definitely regretting not getting an orange kitchenaid– my black one just seems so boring in comparison! =p


  • This is such a timely post for me! It’s only been the past few months that I’ve begun to embrace orange, particularly in the kitchen. It all started with a fridge clock from Moma that was on sale and has now led to a Koziol Briq stool (inside or outside use, can be used as an end table or flip it over and throw ice in it as a cooler), a Kikkerland stool and storage boxes from the container store. My favorite is the 2nd pic, the sectional looks comfy, warm and happy. Also love any kitchen appliances in tangerine.

  • What a great roundup. Does anyone know where those really cool orange light fixtures from Gunilla and Eivind Platou’s home are from?

  • Kind of a shame my house couldn’t have been in there somewhere. It is painted a color Sherwin Williams calls Laughing Orange and I have used it as my signature, now that I am unemployed and working from home. Laughing Orange Studio… I absolutely love orange and, believe it or not, my husband picked the colors for our house. We used a daylily as our color palette and took it to the paint store to match the colors.

  • I have always loved orange, even before it became trendy in clothing & home design. Just moved, and am planning a silver blue/tangerine theme in our new place. Great roundup– lots of inspiration!

  • Such beautiful ideas here. Any idea where the round woven basket in the header pic is from? I have a woven basket addiction which must be sated!

  • I have “Hermes Orange” accents in my new bathroom – it’s such an uplifting color! Also, I’m in love with the fact that you added an orange kitty to the roundup…I’m on Petfinder every day looking to get one!

  • I have a orange master suite with southwest flavor. It’s a work in progress, but I absolutely love it. Orange is definitely my color. Wish you could see it.

  • I read in an interview that it’s the favorite color of Jonathan Adler, I believe he feels that every room needs a dash of orange. Brings balance and happiness!

  • I just painted my living room orange. It’s called “cantaloupe slice” and it scared me when I thought I was going to love it. But now it’s on the walls and I do love it. I have lots of windows and natural wood (with orangey tones on some) and floaty white curtains floor to ceiling. I made a white suedecloth slipcover for one chair and crocheted a fuzzy lime green throw for it. Oddly lovely. My house overlooks Cape Cod Bay so white and blue are prevalent but that orange is gorgeous!

  • I seem to be the odd one out, I was never much of an orange fan. I have liked peach shades and even once had an accent wall painted a clay pot kinda shade of orange in the kitchen of my first house but I honestly have to say I am starting to appreciate true orange and it’s vibrancy.

    I really like quite a few of the orange offerings you have showcased. I like that orange door mixed with the aqua chair, and the nursery with a touch of orange is so cute,and I also like the white & colorful office space with the bright orange chair. Looks like a touch of Orange could be in my future after all!

  • In the process of renewing our bedroom and my palette is medium gray, off white and black with orange accents. Saw you and heard about your blog from the Nate show, great segment. Will continue to check in.

  • It all started with a pop of orange on a kitchen wall 10 years ago and now we are hooked. Car, bike, strollers, pillows, knapsacs, computer bags, living room wall. Orange is so cheery and wonderful to live with. I will never tire of it. Thanks for this great sneak peak!

  • I could live in an orange world. It is so cheery! Love the photos. The stool with the hooves freaked me out a bit though.

  • I painted the walls of my loft orange and it’s positively lovely. I have always liked orange, but people are so negative about the color that I just didn’t think that I’d ever get the guts to paint anything orange. But when I found my loft, I knew right away that the space could handle such a bold color.

    Thank you for showing people how wonderful orange can be!

  • Orange is my second favourite colour after yellow, but after looking at this I’m reconsidering!!! :D <3

  • Orange is my favorite color. My house is full of orange things: my sofa, my trashbin, my faucet, my curtains, my floor. I love orange.