paper cut artwork by annie vought

I was actually lucky enough to see one of these paper cut artworks by Annie Vought in person just the other day. The piece was over 3 feet wide and suspended from long t-pins, and the light cast hundreds of intricate shadow shapes on the wall behind. I don’t know how Annie manages to craft these massive works so elegantly; I was able to stand up close and inspect the piece, and it was flawless and seemed surprisingly sturdy. I would love to install any one of these in my home and gaze at it each time I walk past. You can see more of Annie’s collection of work by clicking here. — Kate


Wow, i bet these look amazing full size, such intricate work, I would never have the patience!x


As someone who just started doing papercuts of my own, looking at those make my fingers hurt! They are absolutely stunning, though, and are seem like they would be well-worth the finger pain. I especially like the individual words set on pins. The loops on the letters give them a delicate, personal quality.

Kim (at

Wow. This is amazing. Annie must be a very patient woman. Me, not so much. :) We have a Danny Azoulay papercut ketubah from our wedding. I can just stare at in awe of the creativity and beauty.

Dorkys Ramos

Oh I love how delicate they are! I especially love the Merry Christmas one on pins. I could hold my breath and stare at that wall all day.

Saeed Neamati

I wonder how much time does it take to produce such a work of art. Cutting each letter out of paper and attaching it to wall. Man, this takes a lifetime.


You guys have once again turned me onto something so extraordinary and magnificent. Awestruck.