notary ceramics

When we were in Portland for the book tour, I was happy to stumble upon Sarah from Notary Ceramics who was starting her first day at work at one of my favorite shops, Alder & Co. In addition to being a new mom, Sarah recently started a new ceramics studio with her uncle called Notary. Based in Portland, this talented duo designs beautiful stoneware tabletop pieces like candlesticks and vases that would make lovely holiday gifts or housewarming presents. Notary is currently available online and through Alder & Co., so if you’re interested in picking up a piece or getting more information, click here to shop online or read more. Thanks, Sarah! xo, grace

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Rachel Tatem

Love it… Only issue is I can’t stand touching unpolished pottery, I love it but I just can’t touch it… so sad


Thanks so much Grace! I am so elated to have our ceramics featured on your beautiful blog! there is no better place for them!
lots of love!
notary ceramics


ps~ these ceramics are all dipped in a pretty white glaze. looks like raw clay, but is smooth to the touch.



I have held these beauties in my toasty mitts… Lovely feel and so so pretty in real life!

anna powell

These pieces look like you not only can touch them, but USE them too.
I love the Zen-like simplicity and purity of design


wonderful…so simple and elegant. they almost look like they are made of wax themselves