new 3D cards from blackbird letterpress

When I was little, I loved sculptural things made out of paper: pop-up books, paper dolls, fold-out dioramas, you name it. These adorable 3D letterpress camper cards from Blackbird Letterpress take me right back to being a kid again — I can’t wait to get my hands on one and assemble it! I’m not alone in loving these cards, either: Jan from Poppytalk has included them in her online market this week. You can purchase them on Etsy here, and while you’re there, be sure to check out the mini-calendars and the bear hug card, a few of my other favorites :) — Kate

Anna (of Green Gable)

I LOVE this! I saw it on poppytalk, too, and I saw a real life little camper just like the one above this weekend travelling from CA to AZ.

xo, Anna of (green gable)


These are so fun! I’m not big on displaying greeting cards and such, but these would be soo cute to keep “popped up” around the apartment.


Omg, so cute! I love the little teardrop trailer. I agree with “this tiny existence” – I’d have to keep it for myself. :)

Heather French

Beautiful! I love seeing this! Blackbird letterpress did our wedding invites 5 years back and they were just so beautiful, proud to see her featured on here! Congratulations!


Dear Kate, I have a site called Vintage Roving and it is about my adventure of making old travel trailers road ready again for new families. This 3D card ides is such a FANtastic art. Do you mind if I post a link on my site to your cards?

Keep up the inspirational and artful work. Changing the world one paused and reflective smile at a time, is a gift.

Jen Munch

Oh this is so sweet. Though I won’t be buying it, for one reason- I find the placement of their url on the back of the station wagon to be really tacky. I know it’s nit-picky but I dislike being advertised to when I’ve already bought the product.


thanks everybody for your sweet comments!! Hey Heather! Hope all is well. Appreciate the comment, Jen, we’re a tiny little printshop so instead of advertising we see it more as crediting the cards. Just like Toyota’s name is on their cars etc. Jalet, I don’t mind if you want to share it on your blog, thanks! and thanks Kate for the post!! cheers- Kathryn