living in: the royal tenenbaums


The Royal Tenenbaums is the film that canonized Wes Anderson as America’s most beloved auteur so far this century. His quirky art direction re-interested our generation in preppy classics, while pushing the envelope of dry humor and absurd character plots. To see The Royal Tenenbaums is to love The Royal Tenenbaums and we couldn’t imagine a family who’s style we’d rather inherit.          -Amy M.

1. Scalamandre zebra wallpaper; 2. Pink princess phone, $49; 3. Atluzarra Maple Coat, $21375; 4. Black wall clock $24; 5. Wall sconce, $240; 6. Handcrafted mask, $40; 7. Sam Edleman loafer, $130; 8. Delfina Delettrez finger ring; 9. Victorian stool, $2100; 10. Bow barrette, $15.

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The family’s blend of traditional and quirky have held us spellbound for a decade now. Richie’s morose turn as a washed up tennis star and Margot’s misunderstood playwright complete with mysterious wooden finger are our ultimate style ideals, almost as much as the family’s mansion filled with hand-painted portraits and offbeat accessories. Please prepare the adoption papers, we’re ready to move on in.

1. Gauntlet glove, $129; 3. Male falcon; 3. Minox digital camera, $199; 4. Vintage tennis ball canister, $11; 5. Canvas pup tent, $54; 6. The Sharks of North American Waters, $19; 7. Ray-ban “Cats 500″ aviators, $129; 8. Jensen Turntable, $88; 9. Cast of Vices hospital Bracelet, $198; 10. Fila headband, $2.50.

Karalee Serra

OMG! A similar gold couch is currently at the Main Street Marketplace in Plymouth, MA – second floor in the consignment area.


Yessss, I was just thinking the other day how great it would be to have a Tenenbaum Living In. I’m going to be Margot for Halloween, thanks to a vintage Lacoste dress Salvation Army find. :D


LOVE the movie, and that zebra wallpaper! I saw the movie when I was in art school and the soundtrack barely left my cd player (and the colors may have infiltrated my art then, as a result, haha).


Love that you included a male falcon in the mix. Wouldn’t make sense without it.


I love Wes Anderson’s atmospheric fantasy lands. He infuses all of his films with his uniquely wonderful, quirky and whimsical style. Great choice.
Wood Paneling, Mustard, Red and Pink. Linoleum, 60’s and 70’s electronics, Bake Lite!


I don’t want to start a whole fur debate, but the Atluzarra Maple Coat for over $21,000 (made of Natural coyote fur) just leapt out at me and saddened me. There are so many plus great fake furs out there for great prices. Wouldn’t have your readers been more interested in that? That said, this was the first movie I bought on DVD and have loved it ever since.

Emily Jane

Who wouldn’t want to live in The Royal Tenenbaums? Or any Wes Anderson movie for that mattter?? Fabulous choice!


We did a group Halloween costume of this movie’s characters a number of years ago and won a contest! Such great characters… Thanks for the memory!


You could probably do a whole series of Living In’s for this movie. I’d love it!


this and the darjeeling limited are the movies i’d like to live in most. thanks for doing this!


One of my favorite movies! I’ve been meaning to watch it again, am hoping it’s on netflix. Funny, I was doing a holiday photo shoot at my place this past Saturday with a photographer who’s recently moved to Maui and we were going for a touch of quirky. She told me to stand straight staring ahead while holding a plate of Xmas cookies and I said “like the Tenenbaums” and she responded “YEEESS”.


FAVORITE!!!!! movie ever! I was ecstatic when I saw this posted :) Please do even more boards for it! Thanks for posting this…definitely considering going as Margo for halloween now :))


yes yes yessssss!! now if you can find a mounted javalina head, this will be complete


I LOVE this column but this is totally one of the best one’s ever. My favorite movie and if I may do an annoying shameless plug, I make knock off Richie Tenenbaum @ my etsy shop


I agree with Jules, is Design Sponge really promoting fur coats? You can do better, so easily. The rest of the styling is lovely.

Jen Carreiro

Yeah!!!! I LOVE IT! I want my life to feel like all his movies! The art, the weirdness, the attention to detail… his movies are the greatest and the most inspiring! When I grow up I want to be Elenore from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou!


I loved the movie and the whole style and feel of it. Really admire your sense of style and the fact that you did a post around the style of The Royal Tenebaums.


Such a great film, was never a fan of Darjeeling Limited but this really struck a chord with me for some reason. Thanks for collating all the quirky style of the film into a list.

Rachel M

Amy… where’s my javelina? :)
One of my favorite movies of all time. Nice touch with the hospital bracelet!

Grace Bonney


you just quoted my favorite line from the movie. whenever i see boars on tv or in a vintage shop (in taxidermy form) i think of that line in my head. ;)



Oh yay! Oh thank you! I have been waiting for this post ever since I read my first “Living In!” You’re the best Amy!

Lisa Papadopoulos

Royal Tenenbaums is absolutely one of my all time favorites! It’s on my blog in the “Movies to watch for the set design” list but this stands on it’s own artistic merits. Thanks for sharing…

Abbey H

SO good! I’ve watched this movie about a million times and see something new each time. Brilliant picks.

Alice Baxley

Love this one. One of my favorite movies + characters. Always such great inspirations here on this column. Thanks so much for sharing!


Love this post! Such a great movie! I love Wes Anderson movies and his use of detail!


Sorry to say that I don’t agree with the promotion of fur. So sad to have to say goodbye to one of my favorite websites.

Jessica Knott

love it – please do Network – love the wardrobe and atmosphere


this movie was actually filmes three buidings away from my house in a brownstone in harlem. i loved the style of this movie


Love this. Also – I’m in agreement with the others; Darjeeling Limited – also a beautifully rich, lush film that would be perfect here.