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living in: breakfast at tiffany’s

by amym

That Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a stylish movie is probably the worst kept secret in the world. Just wander the streets on Halloween, and you’re likely to bump into several Holly Golightlys along the way. But beyond the cigarette holder and pearl necklace are some pretty amazing elements that are equally deserving of iconic status. — Amy M.

1. Holly Golightly Sleep Mask, $15; 2. Laurel Champagne Flutes, $23; 3. Lanvin Cloque Dress, $2540; 4. Tassel Earplugs, $11; 5. Paramount Phone, $45; 6. Adoptable Orange Tabbies; 7. Valextra Suitcase, $7540; 8. Zebra Rug, $425; 9. Carolee Pearl Necklace, $90; 10. Clawfoot Sofa DIY

Holly’s girl about town attitude and New York’s early sixties energy make a pair worthy of intense imitation. Whether her bare but quirky apartment or her outlandish but classic accessories, Holly pulled it off with panache. There is no recreating Audrey Hepburn’s insane charm, but let’s all try. Worst case scenario? We’ll just put “Moon River” on repeat and enjoy the ride.

1. Custom Telegram Invitation, $25/set of 10; 2. Pillsbury Croissants; 3. Halston Heritage Trench, $350; 4. Checker Cab Model, $51; 5. Typewriter Ribbons, $24; 6. Pantera Cat Mask, $6; 7. Ceramic Coffee Mug, $16; 8. Vintage Royal Typewriter, $160; 9. Lanikai Ukelele, $350; 10. Cracker Jacks, $13/box of 25

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