living in: breakfast at tiffany’s


That Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a stylish movie is probably the worst kept secret in the world. Just wander the streets on Halloween, and you’re likely to bump into several Holly Golightlys along the way. But beyond the cigarette holder and pearl necklace are some pretty amazing elements that are equally deserving of iconic status. — Amy M.

1. Holly Golightly Sleep Mask, $15; 2. Laurel Champagne Flutes, $23; 3. Lanvin Cloque Dress, $2540; 4. Tassel Earplugs, $11; 5. Paramount Phone, $45; 6. Adoptable Orange Tabbies; 7. Valextra Suitcase, $7540; 8. Zebra Rug, $425; 9. Carolee Pearl Necklace, $90; 10. Clawfoot Sofa DIY

Holly’s girl about town attitude and New York’s early sixties energy make a pair worthy of intense imitation. Whether her bare but quirky apartment or her outlandish but classic accessories, Holly pulled it off with panache. There is no recreating Audrey Hepburn’s insane charm, but let’s all try. Worst case scenario? We’ll just put “Moon River” on repeat and enjoy the ride.

1. Custom Telegram Invitation, $25/set of 10; 2. Pillsbury Croissants; 3. Halston Heritage Trench, $350; 4. Checker Cab Model, $51; 5. Typewriter Ribbons, $24; 6. Pantera Cat Mask, $6; 7. Ceramic Coffee Mug, $16; 8. Vintage Royal Typewriter, $160; 9. Lanikai Ukelele, $350; 10. Cracker Jacks, $13/box of 25


You are totally awesome! AS soon as I saw the first shot, I thought – but where will they find the orange cat! A plus for using petfinder.


Mr. Varjak had some nice digs, too. His black on black flock wallpaper, black woodwork and doors, and gray walls are everywhere these days. He also had quite the walk in closet.


This has made me so very happy. Thank you for this post. I am a HUGE fan of “Living In”!

Erin Z. Bass

Thrilled to see this “Living In” and would suggest any of these items for combatting the mean reds. Tassel earplugs might be my favorite though!


I love that sofa DIY! How fun! I was wondering how you would incorporate that into the post–it’s nearly as ubiquitous as that classic dress and pearls. I also agree with the above post about Paul Varjak’s apartment–it would be dated, of course, but it had some great stuff going on!

This is is an awesome living in post!


Not to be a turd, but she’s playing a guitar and not a uke! Probably a ladies’ guitar or parlor guitar, which is why it’s small.

Love the movie, the post and this series! My Netflix queue is full of Living In recommendations!


Awww….I love this! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite movies ever! Audrey’s style is timeless and beatiful in that movie and every other movie she was in. :-)


I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s! I haven’t seen it in such a long time, and I just realized how similar our cats look! :)

The Clawfoot tub/couch is one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen. I love it!


I’ve been wanting that sleeping mask ever since I saw this movie! I didn’t know you could BUY it!!! This has totally made my day.

Charley | London Bride

Oh I love love this! I recently got engaged and my wonderful boyfriend did an epic Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed engagement as we are both such fans of the film. It included a typewriter, an eye mask, a mailbox, a surprise trip to NYC and something special in Crackerjack box! So a lot of these elements in this post have happy memories :)

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties

Breakfast at Tiffanys is my favourite movie – I recently had my wedding which was what I called a touch of Audrey!

I have been looking everywhere for the eye mask to add to my collection – thanyou so much this will go so well in my Audrey collectables



Love “Living In” and especially this one. I’d love to see a “Living In Butterfield 8.”


Adorable! I Love it. But everyone knows Holly was eating a danish. (;

Kat from Jersey

This movie has to be the penultimate “Living In” of all time! There was just nobody like Holly/Audrey. Such style and grace! This movie pretty much has it all, including a gorgeous George Peppard as neighbor Paul Varjak. Yes, his apartment was great, too, but remember his ‘decorator’ Patricia Neal did it to her specs! Thanks for this one! It’s a great way to start the week. Oh, and please, please do “That Thing You Do!”!

Candy Silvasy

I have to say the sunglasses and Cat of course are my must haves! And, being a spa girl, the sleepmask which I own – but not the one featured. Actually lingerie Rock Star Mary Green does an exact replica, a bit pricier $35 but spot on. You can find it here: Cheers!

Sabrina von Fersen

Sitting in my living room and watching breakfast at tiffanys for the very first time and I am already in love with that movie!
Love your post and blog! Great job…want all this stuff!!! Now!