letterpress notebook collection from paper lovely

I love making lists. To an irrational, obsessive, unhealthy degree. I’m constantly rewriting lists, making lists within lists — I’ve been known to make a list of the lists I want to make. It’s strange behavior, I won’t lie, but what can I say? It fills me with joy. Another thing that fills me with joy, unsurprisingly, is a great pocket-sized notebook. These adorable letterpress notebooks from Paper Lovely are the kind of thing I would buy in bulk and take with me everywhere. They aren’t complicated or flashy; they’re just simple, pretty notebooks whose designs stand out from the pack, making me really want to write in them. The trio would make a great gift for the compulsive list makers in your life. Don’t judge; support our habit instead! :) — Kate

Jen Kim

lovely, so lovely, it makes me want to come up with (more!) things for my to do list, just to write in them :-)


Kate, you’re not alone. I too make lists of lists. It’s irrational, bizarre, but it happens. In other news, those notepads are so cute. I love letterpress (but who doesn’t?)!

Lauriz (The Argie)

I love listing everything… and I encourage others to make it too!!!!
I absolutely loved the notebooks!


I literally live by list making! {Confession: sometimes I even write stuff I’ve already done just to cross it off}. These notebooks are adorable, something about a random bunch of bananas makes me smile.


im obsessing already. i just KNOW my grocery lists will be more efficient with that banana notebook!!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

I love lists, too! And these notebooks… they’re calling my name. I’ll refrain for now, but I’m checking their site to see if they have a planner of the same amount of cuteness and practicality of these lovely notebooks!