james henkel photography

I love re-discovering areas of fine art that were once passions of mine. When I was younger, I used to look through photography magazines and advertising award catalogs, pulling out pictures that caught my eye. I’d later collage them onto my notebooks and binders, alongside pictures of Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder, to serve as visual reminders for my schoolmates that I was someone who was cool and cared about art. At least, that’s what I remember thinking they would do. Instead, people just asked me what those weird photos on my pencil boxes were. As I grew up, my love of photography was replaced with a love of furniture and product design, and for some reason, it took me years to rediscover that passion. Lately, it’s all I can think about, and I find myself constantly researching online for new (and old) photographers. The other day on All the Mountains (one of my favorite fine art blogs), these photographs from James Henkel were posted, and I haven’t stopped thinking about them. Not only because they’re beautiful but also because they embrace such a simple (but difficult to master) element to tell a story: light. Much like the Wind Paintings I posted last week, these photographs really click for me because they focus on using a naturally occurring element like sunlight. The spotted hands above are my favorite, but you can view more of James’ work (the light pieces were done in the early to late 1990s) right here. xo, grace

James Clancy

What a fantastic example of light in photography.

Using black and white in the way you have is very eye catching. I’ve just been looking at the link for James Henkel too and they are incredible.

What a stunningly simple website he has too.

Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention.


Photography is still one of my passions and I always enjoy looking at other people’s works. I am always drawn to photos that focus in a simple subject.

I like how he has simplied these images further by making them B&W, removing color as a distraction from the simple desigm. Thanks for sharing these. Photography is fantastic – glad to know you have beein excited again by this fantastic medium.