holiday cards from hello! lucky

It feels as though time goes into hyperdrive come fall. Halloween is right around the corner; before you know it, we’ll be deep in the holiday season! If you’re looking to get a jump-start on your holiday spirit, or if you’re great at planning ahead, you should check out the new collection of holiday cards from Hello! Lucky. This collection is a collaboration between Sabrina and Eunice Moyle, the ladies behind Hello! Lucky, and several other designers. My favorite is the “Four Seasons” card above, but all the designs have a bright, friendly charm to them—exactly the sentiment I’d like to send out for the holidays. Honestly, I’d be so proud of myself if my friends and family received any of these adorable cards. Eventually, I will master correspondence etiquette . . . this feels like the year! :) — Kate

{Card designers, from top: Debbie Powell, Jacqui Lee, Tom Frost, Debbie Powell (again), and Karin Soderquist. All photography is by Edyta Szyszlo. }


Wave Avenue

above and beyond e-cards, old school holiday cards is closer to my heart.. the sentiment and the fluttery feeling once you receive one of this is irreplaceable.. <3

Laura Elaine

I buy and send Christmas cards by the truckload, and always try and find up and coming artists/designers to showcase. I absolutely love these and will be adding them to my arsenal for sure!

Abbey H

Lovely as always. I just adore everything Hello! Lucky. I feel like you, Kate- for the last 2 years we’ve sent Valentine’s Day cards instead of Christmas cards. Our friends + family liked the unexpected notes and I liked not feeling crazed about writing tons of Christmas cards.

lyndsey @ the stationery place

those cards are great! i especially love the “season’s greetings” card with streamers — hello!lucky never fails.

holiday cards are my FAVORITE thing about this time of year. i make it a priority to send cards to loved ones, and i always love getting cards from them. snail mail (especially pretty, thoughtful mail) is the best! start now & you’ll get your cards out — lots of companies have early-bird sales going on.


thank you so much for posting this. i love how thoughtful and still fun and festive these cards are — and also how Hello Lucky helps independent artists get great exposure. :)


super cute, but how does not one of them say “merry christmas” when they are christmas cards?