hand & eye studio terracotta lamps

I’m really digging exposed raw materials lately, as evidenced by my love of this and this. I would be thrilled at the prospect of starting over with the lighting in my apartment, and if I could, I would definitely snag one of these gorgeous terracotta lamps for the kitchen. These are the first products available from the new UK-based Hand & Eye Studio founded by architect and designer Tom Housden just this year. The terracotta reflects a warm, friendly light, and I really love the basic shapes Tom has chosen — not overstated, just classic, modern and super stylish. The studio will also consider commissions or designing bespoke projects. You can see their full range and contact the studio by clicking here. — Kate


Cindy Courson

Love this raw take on the @tomdixon beat light. The earthy and organic texture of the terracotta combined with its sleek white glaze reminds me of a gingersnap dipped in sugar frosting. Simply Perfect!!