by Grace Bonney

I’m so excited to head down to Austin today- not only because we’re excited for the book party, but because I’ve had a list of shops I’ve wanted to check out there for years. At the top of my list are Bows + Arrows and Schatzelein. When I’m traveling I rarely buy anything that can’t fit in my purse or backpack (my carry-on is full of craft demo materials) so both of these shops have the sort of small-scale accessories that I love. These geometric charms and bracelets are my favorites and I’m dying to check them out in person this weekend. The charms are by Son of a Sailor and are intended to be layered on an initial necklace, but I almost want to line them up on a huge board (on finishing nails) to create some sort of colorful wall installation (I feel a DIY project coming on). In addition to the charms, I really love these painted leather cuffs by Lauren Manoogian. It’s such a fun spin on the leather cuffs I’m seeing around town these days and I really like the green and black combo. You can check out both shops online here and here, or if you’re in town, swing by Schatzelein tonight to meet some of our favorite artists for the opening party of the Tool & Tack pop-up shop.

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