I love finding out what an artist’s inspiration is. These days, nature and found materials tend to be the root inspiration for a lot of things, so it was nice to see this new series inspired by Russian Constructivism. I studied Russian literature and art in college, and it’s awesome seeing people drawing on Russia’s rich history of artwork. These pieces are part of a new project called FORMA that was launched during London Design Week as part of the Royal College of Art’s Poundshop. Using reworked patterns by Varvara Stepanova (the wife of Alexander Rodchenko), the series contains cushions, notebooks, wrapping paper and stationery that is all hand-screenprinted in the UK. I’m most fond of the polka-dotted notebooks and coordinating red-stitched spines, but the bold pattern work is all worth checking out. Click here to view (and shop) the full collection. Thanks so much to Maria Joudina at FORMA for sending this over. xo, grace


These are lovely! The simplicity is done so well that it’s still a very interesting piece. I’m very inspired!

Buffalo Lucy

Lovely! I’m taking a Russian film course (Russian films made in the 1940s-60s) and have found it hugely inspirational.