finding your perfect music setup

I sold my CD collection a little over a year ago, and since then, I’ve been at a loss for how to organize my music consumption. I’ve found some streaming sites I love, and I’ve downloaded albums here and there, but I’ve decided to make it my personal mission to find the perfect music setup in this new era of music streaming and wireless audio devices before this year is over. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite music streaming services and audio equipment for today’s post over at MyLifeScoop. I’m pretty excited about the options and think that given all the ways technology allows us to discover and share songs, the future of music looks bright. Check out the full post here. — Kate

Image above from Morel Hifi

(The links and information for these products can be found in the full post here.)


Spotify is by far my favourite service. All that music! I would totally recommend it to anyone. Not sure how it’s working in the US at the moment though. Do you have to have an invite or has that been phased out now?


Thanks for sharing these options, Kate. I’d just like to say that the Squeezebox Touch (well actually, an older version of the same sort of Squeezebox product, which is usually available for a substantially lower price used) has been a great addition to my audio setup at home. I know it’s not an all-in-one like the Squeezebox radio (you need separate speakers, etc.), but it’s a good option if you want to scale up a little bit. You can stream all of your music from your computer to your home speaker system. Great for parties.


Another suggestion for playing music is to get an Airport Express wireless router from Apple. You can hook it up to the super-duper-nice stereo system you already own and play iTunes on it over the wireless. We have it and I LOVE it!


What timing! We are just finishing a living room remodel and I did not want to bring back the CD tower and CD player. I hadn’t had a chance to look at options yet. Thanks!