fall trends in home and tech design

It’s true that come fall, we tend to see the same things pop up on the radar each year: wood, warm hues, chunky textures. Yet somehow, designers always find a way to bring something unexpected to the traditional autumnal themes, and I love them for it. For my post this week on MyLifeScoop, I decided to focus on three of my favorite fall trends in home design and see if I could seek them out in the tech world. Sure enough, there are some awesome tech accessories available that fit perfectly into this autumn’s best looks. You can see the full post and find links for all the products by clicking here. — Kate

You can see part of the roundup after the jump!


the link to the post doesn’t have the gilded details collection links. Where can I find those?

Kate Pruitt

Hi Adam,

They are there! You just have to go to the next page by clicking the 2 at the bottom of the first page.

Brynna Ross

The link in the article includes pictures and descriptions of “warm & punchy hues” and “white & wood,” but not “gilded details. Where can I find out more information about the items in “gilded details”?

Brynna Ross

Oops. Just saw the previous post. Please ignore my question. Thanks!