d*s book tour: west coast

by Amy Azzarito

Image above: Crafting at the Cleaners in Portland on September 25. A big thank you to Alexandra Hedin driving all the way from Seattle with a 7-week-old baby to provide us all with delicious snacks !

Grace and I have been traveling across the country for the past few weeks and wanted to share a few pictures from the book tour! We have had so much fun getting to meet so many of you and talk face-to-face and put names (and Twitter handles) to such friendly faces. After our East Coast trip, we packed up and headed West for the second round of crafting events and celebrations. Jet lag did it’s best to keep us down, but we fought back and even managed to keep a little book tour journal (we’re trying to make time for time to explore every city)! For this post I’ve rounded up some of my favorite photos from each of our west coast dates (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, LA and SF) and provided links to the full photo albums where you can grab any photos you took with friends in each city. Thank you so much again to everyone who came out and all the artists who helped us with backdrops and photos!

Tomorrow, we fly out to the great state of Texas. I’m so excited for both our Dallas and Austin events and am crossing my fingers that we’ll have time for a little cowboy boot shopping. To see where we’re heading next, you can check out the book tour page. We hope to see you there!

*Grace and I keep laughing about the fact that we should let single boys know what they’re missing at D*S events. City after city, we’re blown away by how seriously beautiful and stylish all the girls in attendance are. You guys are such catches! –Amy A.

PORTLAND, 9/26/11

Image above:
Moss wall backdrop by Cori Kindred. Images by Amy Nieto.

Image above: Party time at West Elm in Portland! (This event benefited local arts charity Scrap.) Moss wall backdrop by Cori Kindred. Images by Amy Nieto. More party photos on facebook!


Image above: Making wax seal stamps at Anthropologie in San Francisco. Images by Blair Sneddon.

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Image above: Cookie wall installation by
Leah Rosenberg and Tess Wilson. Images by Blair Sneddon.

Image above: The amazing cookie wall by Leah Rosenberg and Tess Wilson. The cookies were delicious and dyed in custom colors to match the book. Everyone was invited to take a cookie and a photo! Proceeds from this event benefited the local arts charity Children’s Art Center.  Images by Blair Sneddon. See more cookie wall photos here!

LOS ANGELES, 9/28/11

Image above: Wax seal time in Los Angeles! Images by Rachel Thurston

Image above:
Chalkboard backdrop created back Bash Please.  Images by Rachel Thurston.

Image above: The chalkboard backdrop created back Bash Please. Proceeds from this event benefited the local arts charity Free Arts. Images by Rachel Thurston. More photos on facebook!

SEATTLE, 9/29/11

Image above: Craft time, Seattle! Image by Tomika Davis

Image above: Party time! Proceeds from this event will benefited the local arts charity Art Corps. Backdrop designed by Matthew Parker Events. Yummy chocolate from Theo Chocolate. Images by Tomika Davis. (More party photos on facebook!)

Image above: detail of the backdrop created by Matthew Parker Events. Images by Tomika Davis.

VANCOUVER, 10/1/11

Image above: Crafting in Vancouver. Image by Janis Nicolay

Image above: Made! Wax seal stamp in Vancouver. Image by Janis Nicolay

Image above: Driftwood backdrop designed by the amazing Jan of Poppytalk + Denise Liu and Linus Lam of Edison & Sprinkles and Artsy! Dartsy! Amazing dog cake from Coco Cakes. (Proceeds from this event benefitted the local arts charity Artsumbrella.) Images by Janis Nicolay See more party photos on facebook!

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  • I am unable to attend the Austin event this Saturday – I have to work! Boo!
    I emailed Anthro through Eventbrite to let them know so that someone else can have my spot. Is this the right way to handle it?

    I’ve so enjoyed following your tour – have a wonderful time in Austin! I’ll miss meeting you ladies at the event!

  • Oh, I’m so desperate to attend a DS craft event!! I was at the Apt Therapy/Design Sponge evening at ABC (but no crafting :( ). I loved Grace’s hysterical sense of humor and appreciated her very practical advice on growing a blog. It was refreshing hearing an ideas person not being entirely idealistic. Thank you!

  • Would love to have been at them all! It was great to meet you ladies, and to shoot your Vancouver event. Hope to see you again soon! Definitely calling you when I’m in NYC next time ;)

  • I am always fantasizing about writing my novel, having it published, and then going on a book tour. A novelist’s book tour mostly consists of sitting in a chair, talking up the book, and autographing. That said, and after viewing your photographs, I cannot possibly image how you and Grace are doing this. I mean, instructing and making crafts with large groups of people… Kudos to you both because I could not maintain such energy; I would crumple in a heap after a half hour. Then again, if you have the passion I am certain a person can do most anything!! :-) I guess I will see how well you are keeping for myself during your “southern swing”.

  • I cannot wait to see/meet you guys tomorrow! Dallas is ready for some Design Sponge!

  • Loving this website! It’s amazing!!! I see so many ideas, artsy stuff, colors, images, and I love the photobooth idea too!

  • I’m ecstatic that I made it to your photo montage on this post! My fiance and I enjoyed the event – the cupcakes and the cocktails were DELISH. I’m glad you had the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful city, Vancouver!! Any chance your Design Sponge newspaper will be distributed in Canada?